profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange, from my best interpretation started off slow and then proceeded to get choppier and choppier as the day moved on. The reason why I could only interpret the cash open was because I had an unexpected distraction from my normal schedule. My neighbor’s kid missed his school bus and came over to my house practically begging me for a ride to school because he knew he’d get an ass whooping if his parents found out. Luckily for him I was already a.) awake and b.) kiiiiind of ready for the day. So, I agreed to give him a ride (with the promise that he try and catch the bus on a daily basis. See? I’m still a cool guy.) to school. However, in the weirdness of the morning I had completely forgotten to pack my bag with the laptop. In the end, after I had dropped him off and got to Dunkin Donuts at 9:25, I discovered that my bag was not with me and that I was still a good 20 minutes away from the house. What a sucky morning.

I only traded the British Pound last night and I didn’t get much of a gain there because it had moved my way and then moved against me in the later hours of London trading. I didn’t lose much in this trade so I figured “eh, fuck it…” so I traded it again at the top of the 10am hour. I didn’t get much traction there, just a handful of ticks before I got uncomfortable with the way the market moved. Overall, I didn’t make much and this day certainly was not productive from a PnL standpoint.

Am I glad I did a good deed? Kind of. But it just sucked that it was at the expense of an opportunity to make money in the cash open. But then again, with the chop that this market was having, I’m just not sure if I could have beaten commissions in a meaningful way. So, I suppose there was a reason as to why things happened the way they did. I should be thankful to God for weaving his mysterious omnipotence on my daily activities. I guess I will just move on and get on with the rest of my day. I know what I need to do tomorrow so there’s that. Hopefully, I won’t have such a distraction. Until then, it’s time for me to live my day graciously and prep for the cash open tomorrow.

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