general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange started off tired and slow today just like me. I didn’t get to look at any news in the Wall Street Journal as I stayed home for the morning. I figure it was going to be a quiet Friday and it was. It is actually the first chilly Friday in the East Coast so maybe that had something to do with it. Nevertheless, I am kind of sleepy and I want to get to the meat and potatoes of this post.

Like I said, the market traded slowly. I didn’t really get a good handle on it because I thought that after the slow opening bell, we’d get some buy orders coming in before everything just settled for the weekend. I was prepping for this but it didn’t happen. So, I just basically ended up whipsawing myself out of the cash open for a slight loss on commissions. I was winning here and losing there. In the end, I was killing my business capital so I just decided to call it a day. As for my other trades, I tried playing Orange Juice this morning and I ended up with a good handful of ticks. In the end, I was sort of productive but you know me – I always want to make more money.

While it is nice out today, my eyelids are kind of heavy and my bed is calling out to me. I am thankful of the life that I have and I am thankful that I have another day to appreciate everything and everyone around me. I’m even thankful that I have another week to look forward to in this dumb business. In the end, it’s the only one that would accept a dumbass like me so in that way I should be humble and acknowledge the fact that this is my career.

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