profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up a little energetically but not enough to where you could establish fast trades for quick money. I didn’t get to see any of the headlines in today’s Wall Street Journal because I was just concentrated on getting home. I just felt like dropping the wife off to work this morning as I had some other morning errands I wanted to get out of the way so I traded at a local Starbucks. I just didn’t really want to stay there after trading so that’s probably why I skimmed through the front page of the paper. The only noticeable thing on today’s issue was the aftermath of that horrendous mass shooting in Las Vegas – what a tragedy. I think the New York Times said it best (ironically) – it was literally a kill box. Me personally, I’m glad the gunman is dead. There’s no value in a life like that who takes other lives away in such a cowardly fashion. Fuck him.

As I was saying before, there was no room for fast trades for me. It was more like a 1-tick exercise as I found myself having to cover commissions due to making the spread only. This wasn’t going to be a helpful way to make money for me so I just decided not to deal with it and call it a day in the cash open. Trading Feeder Cattle was my hope but after a little DOM poker, I realized that I couldn’t get anything out of the market and while I could have done limit orders the market was moving to a point where I was uncomfortable holding my contracts so I took the market and thanked God I got out with something.

I was able to kind of relax in bed for a couple of hours yesterday but for some reason, I couldn’t take a nap. My body is telling me that I desperately need it but I can’t bring myself to sleep. I’m probably so wound up about something that it’s keeping me from shutting down my consciousness – I wonder what it is. I’m going to try and do it again today because I’ve got a birthday dinner to go to tonight with the wife and I know I won’t get any rest there. It just seems like my days run faster and faster and the fact that we’ve already made the shift to October only has me wondering where all the time went. It feels like it has slowed down but sped up (does that make sense?). Anyway, I am grateful to God that I’ve got another day in this stupid career and that I’ve been blessed with the knowledge to keep my capital protected. Time to prepare for tomorrow.


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