profile7The New York Stock Exchange shimmied a little bit at the open but like this whole week, there just wasn’t enough for it to really get a bite out of the market in terms of scalping. I’m glad because I’m completely and utterly done with this week. I don’t even know how I’m going to post anything of note here for today because I just pretty much traded the cash open and the broad market – no other commodities today.

Like I said, there was really no vantage point that could enable me to get a good chunk of ticks on the market. There were like one or two but for each one that I got, I’d get faked out like 3 times. So basically, it was a 2 steps forward 1 kick in the teeth day for me. I also traded the Nasdaq as I felt like tech shares would be the deciding factor for the day but things just didn’t move the way I anticipated it would and I ended up in the red.

I don’t like losing but I really hate losing on a Friday and that’s exactly what happened. Now I am going into the weekend with a losing PnL and I hate it. I’ll be thinking about today for a while. Not gonna lie, it’s these days where I really really wish I had picked out a different career path but what is done is done and I can’t go back much less whine. I will try and live today in the best way possible and be thankful and grateful that I have the blessings that I do.


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