RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange open proved to be an indecisive move. There were shifts here and there but overall, there was just nothing that I could sink my teeth into and ride to PnL greenery. I suppose such will be the case moving forward for the rest of the year. I have already made adjustments so there’s no worries about that. Besides, today is a Friday and I just want to put this mildly productive week behind me.

There was nothing to be gained trading the cash open just by virtue of its weak movement so after a couple of quick bangers, I just decided that there was no reason to try and make lemonade out of elephant shit. The winner for me today was the British Pound. After not trading it yesterday (a big mistake), I felt like there was still a market for it to move and while it may not have been as big a reward as yesterday’s correction, it still is a good trade. I was expecting to trade it a few more times but I felt comfortable just sitting on my hands and holding it through its consolidation periods. Would have been great if it moved more but hey, I’ve got what I came for – no need to be greedy.

As for the rest of the day, it’s a chilly gray afternoon here in the East Coast. I can definitely see that autumn is here by how many leaves there are in the yard – raking will not be far behind in terms of scheduling weekend tasks. I’ll probably wait another week or two. For now, I’m so thankful that I didn’t go out in a negative manner for the week like last. I can look at next week with some type of hope that things will be as good or better. I can focus that much more on being a decent and professional person although I wish I had the same type of enthusiasm on a losing day. I’m just glad that I’m done for now. I’ve had it with trading for the week.


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