M8DBOID EC001The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a really nice move to the upside. It wasn’t fast, rather it was just a gradual move that started to gain momentum. I didn’t get to read any of the news today because I just felt off and a little different. I just wanted to get trading done and over with so that I could focus on the rest of the day.

The cash open went better than I expected. However, I wish that I could have played with a full hand instead of a significantly reduced risk appropriation. In the end, the move of the morning pretty much made up for the lack of contract weight. I wanted to do some further trading late in the morning but there were no other assets where I felt comfortable putting some capital into. Actually, no I did try and trade orange juice but after a few orders here and there I just wasn’t having a full feel of the market and just decided to log off.

Overall, today was a quiet day. I had a pretty busy weekend so by the time Sunday night rolled around I was running on fumes in terms of getting stuff done. I’m even amazed that I was productive for a good bit of my checklist. In the end though, I just kind of fell asleep and the tiredness found a way to come into this morning. Even the wife felt it too – so much so that she asked me to drive her to work. I’ll be running errands for the rest of the day and when noon comes around, I’ll pick her up for some lunch. It’s a quiet life. I’m thankful that it’s simple and I’m thankful that I have one. Now if only I could have half a billion dollars then I’ll be satisfied.


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