profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange opened up really well on Friday. It didn’t move as much as I wanted it to and as fluidly as I wanted it to but there was enough there were I could do things and take risks. On the subject of risk, I was cleaning my roof gutters after trading with the intention of posting after I was done. It was a Friday and it’s not like I needed to post right away anyway. To make a long story short, the ladder that I was perched on tipped over horizontally at just enough of an angle to take me out of my position. I ended up having to jump and land awkwardly with the ladder then hitting my head – a two front accident. By the time I had gotten all patched up, the market was closed and whatever window I had to trade any assets were gone.

I traded lightly for Friday which I probably shouldn’t have done because then I wouldn’t have had the notion to go clean the gutter. As I said, the market was brisk enough to take risks on and that’s what I was able to do on size. I needed this PnL day given how badly I had performed in the middle of last week. I was going to trade other assets, but in the end I figured being that it was a Friday I didn’t need to incur anymore stress as the cash open was productive enough by my standards. I just decided to call it a day.

This weekend was pretty much spent recuperating and taking it easy. Surprisingly enough, I still have not been able to play any video games. You would think that I could get a breather of some sort but it just didn’t happen that way. I have to really re-examine my schedule and see where I can get pockets of free time or where my time is going. Aside from my little emergency clinic situation, the weekend was great given that I ended the week positive. It’s too late to make that much headway into October, however, I can still try and trade well going into November. I’m thankful to God that I still have an opportunity to trade.


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