The New York Stoprofilepic4ck Exchange was a bit wobbly after the opening bell today. I suppose this is going to be the character of the market now that the Fed has telegraphed what it aims to do. I foresee a lot of jostling for position but as for a pronounced market move, this may be it for year 2017 – of course, I’m just stipulating.

I traded Wheat this morning in anticipation of a nice little setup that I saw and while it didn’t really pan out, I was able to get a few ticks on size so it made things a little easier for me going into the cash open. There wasn’t much going on in the cash open either save for one or two moves both to the upside of the market. I anticipate that the strength will continue but I’ve taken what I could take out of the market and there’s no point in me risking anymore capital if I feel like we’re going to be sluggish the rest of the way.

It’s a nice day today, but I’m expecting that we get more of a consistent cold air. This weird weather – warm one day, cold the next – just isn’t cutting it for me. I don’t like it and every time I bring out the jacket it seems like it goes to 70 degrees. This is a good way to get sick. I’m just going to close out this post for today. I am thankful to God that I was profitable and I just want to rest and get ready for tomorrow.


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