3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21The New York Stock Exchange opened up quietly this morning even though there was some presence of big movers & shakers in the midst. I didn’t get to read this morning’s Wall Street Journal because I just felt like leaving the coffee house (dropped the wife off to work this morning because she felt a little tired).

We experienced a follow through in the overall market going into the Asian and the London session but it all fell apart in the early morning. I decided to just buy a couple of ES contracts for the overnight to see what would happen. It’s funny because whenever I trade for the overnight haul something invariably wakes me up like 3 in the morning and then when I check on my positions, I’ll just cut it and that’s what happened. I just wasn’t feeling the price action anymore so I cut the position for a miniscule gain. In my mind, it’s better to have a small gain than a medium sized loss. Anyway, so I woke up again this morning and got ready for the cash open. There were tradeable opportunities but I just couldn’t get a good read on the Nasdaq and the NYSE. In short, I ended up shooting myself in the foot but had it not been for the overnight SP00’s I would have ended up killing the PnL. As it stands, I’m down on commissions. Is it ok? No. Am I relieved? Kind of.

We are finally getting the cold front that I’ve been waiting for in the East Coast. Now this is real November weather. I’m going to be picking the wife up and we’re going to lunch together. She has been supportive during this rough patch in trading especially since we had to skimp on about a week’s worth of discretionary spending because I had that rotten October. Hopefully this month will bring a better harvest. Again, I’m thankful to God that I have this life and that I can go in tomorrow and trade in this dumb career.


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