profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange didn’t trade with a lot of energy out of the gate and I realized right away that I might have to hold off on my risk appetite. We did, however, have a slight move to the upside but I’m just not sure what we can do today given that the bears are firmly in control of the short term market. I don’t know if I would get long here. In the very least, I would just wait it out. There’s plenty of time and margin to get things right if this is indeed the hyper bull phase of the market. No need to put out any capital now while everyone is running for the exits.

So my cash open trades were ok on balance. I was able to take advantage of that one nice move in the beginning of the morning in the Dow and that accounted for most of my productivity in the day. However, it was my trades in two other assets that cancelled everything out. I had traded Cocoa and Wheat in the morning and both trades just didn’t go well for me. I was just completely wrong in my assessments and I just dug myself into too deep in a hole with trades in each asset for me to recover in the cash open.

I am frustrated with today especially given that I did go to sleep extra early last night in order to clear my mind. My friend is stable in the hospital and I’ll go and visit with the wife later on. It seems like that is the big thing that will take up my week. I can’t emphasize how tiring and exhausting this whole ordeal was. Usually I go to sleep near midnight but this whole week, I’ve found myself completely breaking apart at close to 2100. Anything later than that and I’m almost a vegetable. It’s just been a crazy few days. I’m thankful to God that things are ok and that I have the blessings I do. I don’t mean to be panicky but when shit gets extremely out of hand, I can’t help but recoil and need to regroup.


2 thoughts on “Cancelling Each Other Out

  1. Glad to hear your friend is stable… do what you have to do to be sure your trading with a clear mind. I question if longterm discreationary trading is possible with all of life’s demands and obstacles that enter into our mental decision-making process.

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    • Thanks Trin, yeah I’m not sure about discretionary trading either – the mental price is just too much. I think there is a balance between the two (discretionary and systematic) and that comes from really knowing your markets and not being the type of trader that skips from one asset to another. I’m feeling better as the week goes by.


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