general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange started off a little slow this morning but went into a frenzy of selling that would have given most people the chance to make money. One second, the market was just ebbing up and down and then the next, some program must have hit bids or something because everybody sold off in a big way. The good thing about it was that it wasn’t a lightning fast move. It was one of those moves where you could plan your window of attack and be confident that you’ll get at least a pound of the market’s flesh. Kind of like when you played the old school Oregon Trail game and you needed to hunt and you needed to position your hunter’s gun while the rabbit or buffalo was running – yeah, trading is like that: except there are tigers in the field that can kill you…not just dysentery.

So, I was pleased with being able to position myself in the cash open. I only had a handful of trades for size and all of them were very productive. That’s the way I like things – simple and productive. I had traded Wheat early this morning and made a good amount of ticks off of a 10 minute move. Again, since I was on size, this helped out immensely. I am very glad that I had this kind of day to start off Thanksgiving week.

I do not know if I will trade going into tomorrow. It’s something that I have to really think about. I know that there’ll probably be action tomorrow but I have a feeling it will all taper down after the morning so I’m thinking the only thing I could possibly trade would be the 30YR and a currency or two but it’s all still early in the morning to think about it. I think though that I should have a firm decision by tonight. I am so thankful for this day and that God gave me a profitable PnL to take home. I can now go off and pay things forward with kindness to others as well as give myself a little R&R. I am finally starting to sleep a little bit more peacefully and I’m glad – it’s something I desperately need.

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