I didn’t get to post on Friday because I had a doctor’s appointment. Additionally, I felt like crap after those last couple of trades in Feeder Cattle so I figure if there was any day that I would skip posting it would be yesterday. I have no idea how the market moved but I got the sense that everybody’s just relaxing or coming back down to earth from that massive 200 point Thursday that we had. I could have been a part of that party but instead I had to eat a nearly 5 figure loss that destroyed what would have been a productive day. I rarely lose that much so when it happens, I get really pissed.

I follow a pretty strict schedule when I post. When I get home post morning errands at around 11 to 1130 (maybe sooner at times), the first thing I want to do is to write out my thoughts of the day in this site. I wish I could say that it’s therapeutic but it’s more of a way to keep myself grounded and on track about what I should be doing that day and what my priorities are. So basically, if I’m taken out of that schedule I have to improvise and adapt. I am usually able to churn out a post later in the day but there are times when my schedule just gets killed and by the time its late afternoon, posting is the last thing that I’m thinking about. So that’s essentially what happened. I had a whole bunch of driving to do and with some afternoon obligations, I didn’t even remember that I hadn’t posted until the wife turned off the bedroom lights.

But, as things played out, there wasn’t that much to post about either. You would have just read more paragraphs about me being pissed off on what happened with Feeder Cattle and how much I would like to strangle trading if trading were a real live person. It’s a chilly Saturday morning but at least the sun is out. I’m going to finish this cup of coffee and be thankful for the day that’s been given to me.




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