profile 6The New York Stock Exchange was probably all set to start with some energy until we got news of the pipe bomb that exploded in Port Authority. When the opening bell did go off, I felt like the market was trading gingerly and there was definitely a silent spread between prices. I don’t blame traders. I don’t know if I would have been in that state of mind to commit major capital in the face of that kind of news.

The cash open wasn’t all that productive for me. The only win was that I didn’t lose money, which would sound good except I didn’t really make money. The same was the case for all assets I traded – which were Cocoa and Feeder Cattle. Both offset each other so I basically have nothing to show for today. It would have been a forgivable offense had it not been for the bad week that I had last week. Now, even on days I don’t make money or break even is like a waste. But I just keep myself calm by remembering it is the last few weeks of the trading year and that I should concentrate on the things that really matter.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this holiday season and I want to make sure that God sees how thankful I am by how I treat each day and the gifts that I shop for for the people I love. Sure, trading is a bitch but I kind of knew what I was signing up for when I got into this shitty business. My responsibility is to compartmentalize the effects of each work day and make sure it doesn’t spill into my personal life – especially when I do crappy. Well, it’s off to Christmas shopping for me.


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