profile 6The New York Stock Exchange traded slow today. I think it’s a reflection on the coming Christmas holiday and today’s action tells me that I am doing the right thing by shutting down all operations for the calendar year tomorrow. I didn’t even see the news or anything this morning. I just woke up, went about my early business (toasting some eggos, checking ESPN, etc.) and set about to trade the day.

I was going to trade Orange Juice in the early going as I felt like there was an exploitable window of price action there from yesterday’s moves but while looking at it, I started to feel uncomfortable with prices and it really gnawed on my conscience to a point where even trading it at a fraction of my risk exposure couldn’t entice me to get into the market. Like I say all the time, capital is capital – you lose it, it’s gone forever. So, I didn’t trade it and left it as it was. The cash open though was a different story. For the first time in a few sessions, things went great for me and I had a great eye reading the market. I didn’t have to trade all that much relative to how I usually trade and I made out with a better PnL compared to my business costs. This is probably where younger me would take that as a sign to trade into Christmas Eve but older – and lazier – me understands that fortune is a fickle animal. I have the money I need now for the month and there’s no reason grounded in rationality that I should try and make a few more bucks.

Right now, I’m on my dining room table typing this as I have a late lunch that I made on hand. I’m looking out of my window and it’s just a great sight being in this warm house while the East Coast weather sinks into the more chillier normalcies of late December. I am really blessed by God. Note that I’m not saying I’m a genius in trading or anything fractionally similar. What I’m saying is that God’s word, and word alone, makes me lucky and I am thankful for that even though other people would want to have success at their own hands. I have no problem leaving my successes and most abject pile-of-dog-shit failures-but -earning-opportunities at the hands of The Lord.


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