profilepic1The New York Stock Exchange traded with some energy coming out of the gates. It was like pent up water spewing out of a dam – very impressive. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a sense of any real direction until later on in the open. I had already gotten out and called it a day. I don’t know what the next couple of trading sessions will hold for the US market. Barring some unforeseen event, I can only see upward trendlines and green chart candlesticks from here on out – unless you use wacky colors like me i.e. gray & purple, orange & yellow, etc. Anyhow, the market did what it did and that’s that.

I caught an early morning trade on the Euro and thought that I’d get a good number of ticks on it but it didn’t move all that much and in the end, being that it was a Friday, I was convinced it wasn’t going to move anymore so I closed out whatever I had, gain in hand. The cash open was enthusiastic, as I said above, but the lack of any real direction meant that trades had to be quick and getting out of them had to be even quicker. In the end, the PnL wasn’t impressive and not what I could call productive by any stretch of the imagination but I am closing the books on 2017 in a positive way.

As you have read, I will be shutting down all trading operations for the calendar year and resuming once I’ve had my fill of holiday college football games. I never thought that I could blog continuously every day like this when I first opened up this site. I know that my posts can be monotonous which is why I try and talk about stuff towards the end. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. There have certainly been ups and downs but when you’re up on average – that’s a good thing and when you’re down on average, it’s an experience you’ve got to learn from. In my experience in this dumb business, you never know when the dice is gonna roll in your favor so the best thing to do is always be prepared. Have some type of baseline image of what you want to project about yourself – whether it be a responsible human being, or a friendly/decent one. Trading is a job, and that’s just it. Like any other jobs, there is a spectrum of success in it where there is the lowest earning person to the highest. It’s not an end all be all and it certainly isn’t the only path to riches.  Had I known this as a younger man, I probably wouldn’t have touched Wall Street. But that’s all past now and I hope that if I didn’t at least force you to reconsider a career in trading, then you’d at least approach the idea with a healthy dose of common sense and skepticism – two things I didn’t have at 21 years old. But then again, that’s youth in a nutshell.

I don’t know if I’ll blog past this point. I’m thinking that I should, but I certainly won’t trade. I’ll probably talk about some mundane stuff – you know, to keep the writing energy going. For now, it’s time to enjoy this joyous holiday season & play holiday music loudly. I personally don’t like the Mariah Carey Christmas song as it’s too out there for me. I prefer Ashley Tisdale’s version of Last Christmas, and I blast the shit out of it while driving in my macho pickup truck. I don’t care yo, I’ll fight anyone who says that isn’t the bomb Christmas song LOL!

Oh, yeah – and a big fat F*CK YOU to trading.



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