The New York Stock Exchange opened up a little confused this morning but after some headfakes here and there, we finally got a calm in the trading and the market started to move upwards. I don’t foresee any big moves for today. Additionally, with the weather. I would imagine most traders would want to call it a day after lunch which is pretty much stalling the overall market’s direction.

I traded the British Pound earlier this morning because I figured it would be a better window of opportunity instead of trading it during the London open. I got up at 4am, looked at the market, waited and got in for a trade which ultimately netted me some ticks but definitely not enough to warrant waking up so early. I will more than likely need to take a nap in the afternoon to make up for lost sleep. The cash open was in a more giving mood. After a couple of quick trades where I got kicked in the teeth looking for an overall direction, the market finally revealed its momentum and I got in for size.

It was a good day made even better because I got out of the week on a positive note and I can feel the normalcy returning to my everyday schedule. You wouldn’t believe it, but even being off for so many days, I rarely got time to play any video games – like nada. I had gotten all my shopping done for Christmas, the wife and I met all of our social engagements and I was getting sleep, but for some reason, I just did not get a boatload of free time just for myself. I went out and bought 3 used games: Grand Theft Auto 5, Metal Gear 5 & Wolfenstein but I couldn’t even play any of them. They are literally tucked into the corner of the TV entertainment shelf. The World Health Organization wants to classify obsessive video game compulsion as a mental disorder, but what about when you don’t have enough time to play video games at all. I guess that diagnosis would be called Real Life.

I am thankful to God for my blessings. I’m thankful that I got out of this week on a good and positive note. Hopefully, I can get some downtime this weekend but even if I don’t, I am still thankful and will be prepared come Monday.


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