profile5The New York Stock Exchange didn’t open up with a whole lot of energy this morning. There were some shakes here and there but that is to be expected I suppose when it’s the first true full week of the market. I guess everybody got all pensive all of the sudden and wanted to see which news the markets would respond to.

I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and it was a stupendous trade. Like, I really hit it out of the ballpark. Ok, Ok, it wasn’t a home run, it was more like a double. I was on my default risk but even then, to get a trade like that was great. You would think that this was enough to make me a happy little trading chimpanzee. However, I had not recounted my trading in the cash open. I got in and basically from the opening bell I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I was so wrong that I almost activated my daily loss allowance. That is how badly my trading went. I have no idea what it was but after looking at the steaming tapestry of horse turd that was my PnL, I knew that the only thing I could do was to try and lessen the damage. I’m glad I did with Feeder Cattle but if I am positive, I am only positive by a few dollars after commissions. This day was a day to put into the garbage can and let the raccoons swarm all over it. I doubt they would take what’s inside.

I hate to lose, therefore, I hate it when I lose in this business that I hate so vehemently. It is during these times that I go into my browser bookmarks for trade schools and fantasize about a life where i don’t have to act like a savage Neanderthal to take home a worthwhile pay. But I need to just chill and get perspective. Sure, it’s a bad day but there is always tomorrow and I’m prepared more than ever to make the moves that will ensure that I’m in a good position to make money when the morning bell rings. I am thankful to God for my blessings.


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