10f568c7cbb17c082b58bf2f6c9b3d32The New York Stock Exchange moved well this morning. Too bad I couldn’t get a good read on the market open. Even though there was a really good move to the upside I kept trying to scalp the tiny moves while missing the overall upward wave. What resulted was a PnL tapestry rife with radically different hues that would make even a Jackson Pollack art piece look coherent. However, there was no mistaking that I was firmly in the red.

Like a pathetic heroin addict, I stumbled over to Cocoa because I felt like I could probably get something going in that commodity to stem the loss I incurred in the cash open. Nah. I pretty much got creamed there too trying to position myself all over the place with no idea of what the overall market was going to be. I pretty much destroyed my PnL in the span of 3 hours and hit my daily loss limit.

I was really upset. I was upset enough to not post right away and just go grocery shopping instead. I was also upset enough to go and eat at Hardee’s for lunch, or for you West Coast people Carl’s Jr. – they are the same chain. I will go to my grave swearing upon the quality of burgers that Carl’s Jr. has versus the garbage In-N-Out burgers that EVERYONE in California swears by. Like, seriously, it’s overrated and Carl’s Jr. just blows out the competition there. This debate has gotten so bad it has strained my relationships with my relatives/friends who live in L.A. and San Diego. Of course, I’m just kidding – It has COMPLETELY DESTROYED my relationships with them lol.

I’m still pissed that I lost money. I go into every day expecting to make money and when I don’t I whine and sulk like one of those gray baby penguins whose parents haven’t thrown up in their mouths with pieces of fish in it. Ok, I’ve gone too far with my comparisons. I’m calling it a day so I can get ready for tomorrow.

Fuck Trading.


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