RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange roared to life as the opening bell went off. The initial onslaught of orders was something out of 2012 and I have a feeling a lot of people got creamed on the initial move. I know because had i not done what I did, I would have been one of them. I don’t know what could have caused such a rash moment(s) of selling but maybe…just maybe the news about the Spotify IPO scared investors into thinking that the market may have reached its peak because the lead banks on the deal aren’t getting as much as other tech issues. I’m totally guessing on this. On a side note, I have Spotify Premium and am interested in trying Apple Music as it would go better with my devices. Anyone have experience with that? Hit me up with a commentaroooo…yes, I said “commentarooo”.

As you can tell, my PnL number was good because I’m typing away and blasting through words and symbolisms like I don’t give a shit about anything. The truth is, yes, the day was good but it wasn’t for a few minutes. I traded the British Pound very early in the morning – London open time –  and it gave me a nice little move especially since I had more risk than the default. I made some good money off of that. I wanted to trade Cocoa late this morning but I looked at the market and I just wasn’t comfortable with it. That left the cash open. Like I said, the NYSE roared in the open. However, I had decided in the final seconds before the opening bell to get long the entire US indices set including the ES. As soon as the bell went off, everything sold and sold hard. It was so fast that I didn’t have time to really process it. I felt my entire insides fermenting as if I was buried in the side of a cold mountain and left there. This is how they made Kimchi in Korea…and this is EXACTLY what I was feeling like those first few minutes. I had big risk in all of my positions and to see the market go against me like that so quickly…I don’t know, it was rough. But in the same wave of energy the market came back reversing my loss and giving me a decent little profit. I would have traded some more but it seemed that the market was content to just hang around for a while. I don’t have time for that shit so I just bounced.

I am reading in the internet about how the rural parts of California want to secede from the Hollywod/coastal elites and make their own state the way West Virginia did from the original Virginia. All I can say is that this is a total hoot and I would love to see how the limousine socialists would fare once they start getting destroyed by every tax that can be imagined by a government that was suddenly kicked out of the union. It has all the makings of a reality TV show and moreover, I WOULD PAY to watch that. It would be like George Orwell’s Animal Farm (I loved that book). Anyway, I found that to be a humorous article but I will be keeping my eye on further developments. For now, I am happy with a day that I really needed and will enjoy it by living thankfully, graciously, and decently in the name of the man upstairs.


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