profile5The New York Stock Exchange started out with promise today but after a few minutes, things looked like they were going to be locked up in a range. I don’t know if there was some type of big news or something but that was that and I didn’t fee like risking anymore capital than I did today even for a small gain on the PnL.

My cash open trading performance was middle-of-the-pack to below average. I just couldn’t get a good read on the market and my trades lacked the commanding bravado of mouse clicking that I usually have – in my wild dreams. No, I just wasn’t confident in my reads. They were there for sure and I did what I needed to do but I was caught more in the scared notion that I may be catching falling knives and walking into Mike Tyson uppercuts. Nevertheless, I kind of survived the cash open. The reason I say “kind of” is because I didn’t make money. The PnL was green but after taking stock of my commissions, if it is green it is green only by a little bit. My suspicion is that it was a negative day. Additionally, I traded the British Pound and Wheat this morning and they both cancelled each other out. I got paranoid with both sets of trades that I sold when I was kind of in the money and the held when I was kind of out of the money. The result was that the PnL’s were kinda shit. Same thing as the cash open, if it is green then it is not by much.

I really hate posting late in the day because at this point, all I want to do is take a nap or get my other stuff, like groceries & other errands, finished. I hate having to think about stuff in the afternoon that’s outside of my regular schedule. Don’t get me wrong though, I love posting about a career I absolutely detest. I am ready for tomorrow and I will review some charts later on but right now, it is better that I am thankful to God for the blessings that I have and that I enjoy the late lunch furnished to me via Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yum.


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