profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange started off…well, I don’t know how it started off.

Let me explain.

I was just wrapping up a cup of coffee and three toasted waffles after trading the Euro early in the morning when my wife walks up to me and says her car won’t start. “Well gee whilickers..”, I say (I really said that) “guess that leaves only me gettin you where yer goin darlin”. I said it in a low, sexy cowboy/farmer voice. I was waiting for her to laugh but she just rolled her eyes and gave me my keys. Women, amirite???

I was satisfied with my Euro trades because there were enough little moves where I beat commissions productively. I was also going to trade Wheat but I just didn’t see any good bounce points where I could get in. With the Euro trades in hand, I packed the work laptop into the pickup truck and off we went. After dropping her off, I got set up at a local Starbucks near her hospital. It was crowded but I was like, “whatever, let’s do this” and prepared myself for the opening bell. However, a strange thing happened: my charts were fine, it was just the DOM wasn’t moving at all. There was no data coming in about where the current bid/ask prices were. I tried logging off and logging on again but it didn’t work.

I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason – but mostly in the realm of speculative activities. I think there are things you can control – to an extent – outside of things where you figuratively roll the dice. For this reason, even though I don’t like to waste days, I was willing to accept that there was probably a momentary lapse in the data feed or (more than likely), some dimwitted asshat in Starbucks was probably logged into Steam playing CounterStrike. Whatever. Fine. I can move on. Sometimes when things like this happen, you just gotta sit back and figure that you saved some capital. Who knows, I mean, looking at the way the market opened on the charts, I don’t know if there was any way I could have really made a decent profit scalping. It looked like whoever wanted to get long got capped by the shorts and vice versa. I like to think that there was divine intervention here. I thank God if such was the case.

As for the end of the trading session, I just hopped back in the truck, iced coffee in hand, playin some good ol’ country rock. Maybe the wife will be more receptive to the sexy cowboy/farmer voice when I pick her up later.



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