profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange traded with a lot of energy in the get-go but there was certainly trickery afoot as buyers were carefully mapping out their in-strategy. I don’t know what, if any, headlines are out there. I just plopped in front of my desktop, logged in and got to trading. Don’t get me wrong, I was mentally ready. I just knew what to do so I didn’t need to go through some tea-ceremony ritual in order to attack the markets.

Looking back, maybe a tea-ceremony ritual is what I need, who knows?

I did not trade other assets this morning because I didn’t see anything worth committing capital to so like I said above I just sat down at the desk and prepped for the cash open. When it did, I was ready. I unleashed a barrage of orders. I was fast on my contract number adjustments with the use of the mouse. My fingers were busy making hotkey strokes in order to match the intensity of the morning’s open. In the end though I didn’t make jack-diddly-schlong as I kept getting faked out by the sell moves and the buyers that came in to plug up supply. I did however make the last adjustment of just waiting to get in and got a good handful of ticks on 2 or 3 trades. However, the damage was done and looking at the PnL I could not reasonably foresee a situation where I could meaningfully beat my business costs at the trajectory of today’s trading acumen. I just calmly logged off the system and did one of those dramatic ibuprofen/naproxen TV commercial poses where the person’s face is in obvious pain from a headache and they put their hand on their head to communicate it.

So, for today I am neither here nor there but if it saves capital then so be it. I want to be trading a market that’s in the mood to give me money, not one where every little thing I do makes it snap at me and curse me to the depths of hell. I am glad I did not lose money. That alone is enough to praise God for and I will live the rest of this beautiful day appreciative. I have a package from Amazon that I just took delivery on as I was finishing this last paragraph. I will open it and be thankful for whatever is inside because I have no idea what I order from Amazon anymore. Online shopping has turned me into a literal child at a candy store whose Xanax pill popping parents are too high to go with him and therefore they just give him $50 to get whatever he wants, uh-huh…yeahhhhhh..

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