Matthew_McConaughey__how_I_got_my_head_around__awe_inspiring__InterstellarThe New York Stock Exchange didn’t do much out of the open. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t submerge or blast off in the later hours. I expect most of the move it will do will be news driven but I’ve already done my trading for today so there’s no point in waiting around for something that might happen. Predictions and Theory are not something I spend time on. I need things that are real and powerful. This is why I’m in the thick of volatility. If the market isn’t moving, I’m a disgusting miserable pig faced slob. For me to maintain this Adonis-like veneer of sheer trading musculature, the market must move. It doesn’t matter, net 60, 40, or even net 25 ticks. As long is it moves, I’m in it to win it.

It would have been nice though to win at today’s cash open. After the bell rang though, I couldn’t tell a cow’s ass from its head. My first 4 trades were losers and I realized that I wasn’t going to make any money at all. I traded a couple more times and most of them were break evens with maybe 2 or 3 being positive. It wanted to recover as much of the PnL as I possibly could without it diluting my other trades of the day. I traded Cocoa as well and that was the winner for the overall PnL although the cash open loss ruined what would have otherwise been a good day. I saw good entry points in the asset and even though I felt badly that I didn’t go in with the size I should have, the range of the moves were helpful towards a PnL that I was satisfied with.

Overall, today was a great way to start the week albeit the cash open but those things can be improved upon. Hopefully I can cruise to the end of the week the way I did the last. I am very thankful to God for such a great and stress-free morning. Whatever comes up later on, I think the wife and I can handle it.

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