Uphill Rolling Of Boulders

profile 6The New York Stock Exchange opened up well in the first couple of minutes but then volatility kind of dried out for a while before resuming an upward ascent. It was cool if you just bought and held but it was not cool if you were me trading in and out without really wanting to get into a position. I figured we would be in for a little doozy today with the GE news. Couple that with Citigroup (I think) taking a big write down and we have a confused day on our hands. However, the market seemed to kinda shrug it off and make a new move towards 26,000. It was the same for the other two US Indices.

I traded Cocoa today and while I could have gotten more out of the moves it made, I just didn’t feel comfortable any longer risking more capital. Truth be told, I was actually lucky to come out a handful of ticks above commissions and my policy is to not press my luck when I feel like I’ve been granted some softball lobs to hit on. That left the cash open and it was generally the same story there. I though we were going to get some type of fast action but it all just kind of ended with a tight range and it was more or less orders from retired billionaires giving their wealth managers some business. I took a couple of trades for my default size and while there were some bad trades I kept the negative PnL from those to a bare minimum and when I got the 3 or 4 trades that I needed, there was enough size and ticks to make the day end well and supplement the Cocoa PnL.

It is snowing today in the East Coast. It’s not a winter blaster like we had a couple of weeks back but it’s definitely enough to get you to slow down on the interstate. The wife doesn’t have work today so we took a walk around the neighborhood before going back in and heating leftovers from a dinner we went to last night. It was nice. Now, I’d like to sit back and review the trading day and prepare for tomorrow. I am very blessed and I thank God that I’m in a position where I’m not stressing about what a dumb career trading is. It’s easy for me to say that maybe tomorrow something bad will happen but I’ve learned that you’ve got to be mentally strong enough to tell yourself that you’re going to make money, no matter how much you doubt yourself. I expect to make money every single day and when I don’t I take solace in shitting on the career of trading in itself. Anyway, I’m out. Thank you God for this wonderful day!

Kimchi PnL And a Side Of Secession

RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange roared to life as the opening bell went off. The initial onslaught of orders was something out of 2012 and I have a feeling a lot of people got creamed on the initial move. I know because had i not done what I did, I would have been one of them. I don’t know what could have caused such a rash moment(s) of selling but maybe…just maybe the news about the Spotify IPO scared investors into thinking that the market may have reached its peak because the lead banks on the deal aren’t getting as much as other tech issues. I’m totally guessing on this. On a side note, I have Spotify Premium and am interested in trying Apple Music as it would go better with my devices. Anyone have experience with that? Hit me up with a commentaroooo…yes, I said “commentarooo”.

As you can tell, my PnL number was good because I’m typing away and blasting through words and symbolisms like I don’t give a shit about anything. The truth is, yes, the day was good but it wasn’t for a few minutes. I traded the British Pound very early in the morning – London open time –  and it gave me a nice little move especially since I had more risk than the default. I made some good money off of that. I wanted to trade Cocoa late this morning but I looked at the market and I just wasn’t comfortable with it. That left the cash open. Like I said, the NYSE roared in the open. However, I had decided in the final seconds before the opening bell to get long the entire US indices set including the ES. As soon as the bell went off, everything sold and sold hard. It was so fast that I didn’t have time to really process it. I felt my entire insides fermenting as if I was buried in the side of a cold mountain and left there. This is how they made Kimchi in Korea…and this is EXACTLY what I was feeling like those first few minutes. I had big risk in all of my positions and to see the market go against me like that so quickly…I don’t know, it was rough. But in the same wave of energy the market came back reversing my loss and giving me a decent little profit. I would have traded some more but it seemed that the market was content to just hang around for a while. I don’t have time for that shit so I just bounced.

I am reading in the internet about how the rural parts of California want to secede from the Hollywod/coastal elites and make their own state the way West Virginia did from the original Virginia. All I can say is that this is a total hoot and I would love to see how the limousine socialists would fare once they start getting destroyed by every tax that can be imagined by a government that was suddenly kicked out of the union. It has all the makings of a reality TV show and moreover, I WOULD PAY to watch that. It would be like George Orwell’s Animal Farm (I loved that book). Anyway, I found that to be a humorous article but I will be keeping my eye on further developments. For now, I am happy with a day that I really needed and will enjoy it by living thankfully, graciously, and decently in the name of the man upstairs.

Just Enough

M8DBOID EC001The New York Stock Exchange opened up quietly this morning. It was so quiet that I didn’t like it so I dialed back my risk and just let things settle where they were going to settle. In hindsight that was a good idea because I could have ended up losing a lot of money had I tried to find a position instead of just chillin and letting the position or positions come to me.

I didn’t trade other assets today because there wasn’t a tradeable setup that I felt comfortable with. There were definitely thing that screamed “trade me” but I also choose my plays based on a careful but adaptable understanding of my trading capital. Sure, I’d like to trade something that can give me 200 ticks in a day but if I have to risk 140 ticks to get it I’m not going to touch that asset with a 10ft. pole. So yeah, after going through the usual suspects, I just decided to concentrate on the cash open and I’m glad that I did.

I didn’t make what I wanted to make today but I made enough so that it was a productive at and it got the week off to a good start. I can’t complain. I’ve got my blessings so I want to give back by being a decent and professional human being. There is tomorrow and that is what I’m getting ready for now.


I just realized why the open was so slow this morning, it was because of MLK day. That was pretty stupid. Pretty impressive that I got some ticks out of it though – I am very lucky that I dialed back my risk and just sat on the position!

Mission Accomplished…Somewhat

profilepic2The New York Stock Exchange didn’t open with a whole lot of direction this morning although the buy and sell orders whipped the overall market around. I think it was the jockeying of people getting out before selling took place as the U.S. markets were flying high after buying from the Asian and London sessions. Sometimes, the rally continues, other times the rally fizzles out. At the end of the day, the PnL is what matters and not the news or whatever technical indicator signal there is.

After trading really shitty this week, I was determined to close the week out with a decent and productive number. I checked both of those things off even though I’ll leave the “productive” part alone as I am my own worst – and greediest – critic. The cash open wasn’t really providing me with any good moves and all scalps really had to be fast lest I lose money. In the end, I didn’t really do much with the cash open. My main trades today were Feeder Cattle and Orange Juice. Orange Juice didn’t really do all that much for me either as I left with a handful of ticks on decent size. I made my money on Feeder Cattle and I am thankful for that.

I was able to wash away a good chunk of the bad taste in my mouth from this week but it still doesn’t change the fact that it happened. I wish things would have gone differently but that is how things go when you’re in the business of speculation. Whatever the day gives you is what the day gives you. You can only control your reaction to it and how much you choose to either be wrong or right. I choose to cut anything wrong out of my life as quickly and as ruthlessly as possible. I spent a lot of time in my younger years letting negatives fester and I’ve seen the effects that it can have on just a regular day of living. It’s important to get rid of the negatives and when I see that something isn’t right on the PnL, I’m quick to get rid of it. I don’t care if it was a recommendation that came down from George Soros, if that shit isn’t making money when it’s supposed to make money, I’m gone.

The good thing about today is that I can go into the weekend feeling positive in the very least. I don’t have to worry about suffering another shitty day in the market and I can really settle down and just enjoy the next two days off. I am really a fortunate person. I can say that fortune really smiles on me even though there are tense moments mostly attributed to the stupidity of my choosing this worthless good for nothing career. I’m here for high nine figure cheques, not bullshit fakeouts and pep talks. I’ll be ready for Monday. I thank God that I have the necessary fight.

Escape The Week

profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up with a little bit of energy. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough so that there were inflection points between price swings where you could see sentiment accumulate onto one side before moving to the other side of the pendulum. Overall, that’s the type of market almost anyone can profit in and ask for. That’s as close as you’ll get to having your ducks lined up in a row.

I traded Orange Juice this morning along with the British Pound – or I should say, the British Pound first then Orange Juice. I took a loss after 3 attempts on the British Pound but they weren’t day changing losses. It was just enough to contort my face into an angry snarl. Going into the cash open, I was able to be productive there because of the factors I discussed above. Trades were – for the most part – easy. It was like click the mouse button, let go, liquidate and repeat. I did suffer two small losses but everything else went well.  Then, I traded Orange Juice and in the work to get a hold of the market, I lost half of what I had accumulated. Actually, more than half if my rudimentary estimations are correct. I just took a deep breath and made the decision to close up shop before I would put the other half of my PnL in jeopardy.

This has not been a good week for me. While I go into every morning ready to make money, there are just times when I know I need to go into preservation mode. This is one of those times. While I will still trade tomorrow, I have to acknowledge that the best thing I can do is to mentally escape the week. I have an idea of what I have to make tomorrow in order to wash out the bad taste in my mouth but even if I make somewhere in the vicinity of the number, I’ll consider it an OK deal. My main priority is to shake off the negative momentum of the week so I can reset for the next. I wish I had won that Mega Millions or Powerball drawing. If I ever win something like that for a decent amount of money, I’m going to retire and never look at a depth of market window ever again. This business sucks and I’m never going to stop shitting on it. But at the same time, I’m not going to stop giving my thanks to God that I have another day to prove myself and to show the people that I love my joy in their presence. I’ll be ready for tomorrow.

Take The Market

general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange opened up with some energy this morning. I was browsing through some general headlines when I saw one regarding China and their concerns about US Treasuries. I knew that would be enough to shake the markets and when I opened up my trading software, sure enough, the general market was down. I don’t know what a concern about US Treasuries portends in the bigger picture but I suspect that it’s a big nothing burger. Although far from being a perfect utopia, any investor worth a grain of salt knows that America, the land of gigantic sport utility vehicles, NFL Football, free porn and iPhones will always be the best bet for asset stability. You want asset prices that go from 0-100mph in 30 minutes? Put your house up as collateral and buy some shitty stock in some third world country stock exchange. Good luck.

I was scouring the market for assets to trade this morning. I even took a look at the mini crude and treasury contracts – which is something I rarely do –  to maybe juggle a little action there. However, I just didn’t feel comfortable with the stable of tradeable assets so I just concentrated on the cash open. When the opening bell rang, there was definitely a palpable sense of selling. Whatever bidding was happening, there was inventory waiting to jump out. There was a point where I thought the market would make a run but it just looks like even if it did make a run, the action would be capped.

I have had better days but considering I’ve traded shitty to kick off the week, I took whatever the market was willing to give me in the cash open. I didn’t have a great day, neither was it enough to be productive by my standards but I’ll take a decent day more times than I won’t. Besides, there is always another market tomorrow and it’s of no use to try and force something that isn’t coming to you. I have errands to run today including a trip to the dreaded motor vehicles office which will essentially crater my whole morning. I hope that I can get in and out as quickly as I can. The trip over would be so much nicer if I had made money this morning but we cannot pick and choose many of our circumstances so it’s up to me to be a professional human being and not let this dumb business spill over into other areas of my life. I have said it before and I will say it again, I am thankful to God for my blessings.

There Was Blood

10f568c7cbb17c082b58bf2f6c9b3d32The New York Stock Exchange moved well this morning. Too bad I couldn’t get a good read on the market open. Even though there was a really good move to the upside I kept trying to scalp the tiny moves while missing the overall upward wave. What resulted was a PnL tapestry rife with radically different hues that would make even a Jackson Pollack art piece look coherent. However, there was no mistaking that I was firmly in the red.

Like a pathetic heroin addict, I stumbled over to Cocoa because I felt like I could probably get something going in that commodity to stem the loss I incurred in the cash open. Nah. I pretty much got creamed there too trying to position myself all over the place with no idea of what the overall market was going to be. I pretty much destroyed my PnL in the span of 3 hours and hit my daily loss limit.

I was really upset. I was upset enough to not post right away and just go grocery shopping instead. I was also upset enough to go and eat at Hardee’s for lunch, or for you West Coast people Carl’s Jr. – they are the same chain. I will go to my grave swearing upon the quality of burgers that Carl’s Jr. has versus the garbage In-N-Out burgers that EVERYONE in California swears by. Like, seriously, it’s overrated and Carl’s Jr. just blows out the competition there. This debate has gotten so bad it has strained my relationships with my relatives/friends who live in L.A. and San Diego. Of course, I’m just kidding – It has COMPLETELY DESTROYED my relationships with them lol.

I’m still pissed that I lost money. I go into every day expecting to make money and when I don’t I whine and sulk like one of those gray baby penguins whose parents haven’t thrown up in their mouths with pieces of fish in it. Ok, I’ve gone too far with my comparisons. I’m calling it a day so I can get ready for tomorrow.

Fuck Trading.

Reason I Hate Trading #3,045,962

profile5The New York Stock Exchange didn’t open up with a whole lot of energy this morning. There were some shakes here and there but that is to be expected I suppose when it’s the first true full week of the market. I guess everybody got all pensive all of the sudden and wanted to see which news the markets would respond to.

I traded Feeder Cattle this morning and it was a stupendous trade. Like, I really hit it out of the ballpark. Ok, Ok, it wasn’t a home run, it was more like a double. I was on my default risk but even then, to get a trade like that was great. You would think that this was enough to make me a happy little trading chimpanzee. However, I had not recounted my trading in the cash open. I got in and basically from the opening bell I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I was so wrong that I almost activated my daily loss allowance. That is how badly my trading went. I have no idea what it was but after looking at the steaming tapestry of horse turd that was my PnL, I knew that the only thing I could do was to try and lessen the damage. I’m glad I did with Feeder Cattle but if I am positive, I am only positive by a few dollars after commissions. This day was a day to put into the garbage can and let the raccoons swarm all over it. I doubt they would take what’s inside.

I hate to lose, therefore, I hate it when I lose in this business that I hate so vehemently. It is during these times that I go into my browser bookmarks for trade schools and fantasize about a life where i don’t have to act like a savage Neanderthal to take home a worthwhile pay. But I need to just chill and get perspective. Sure, it’s a bad day but there is always tomorrow and I’m prepared more than ever to make the moves that will ensure that I’m in a good position to make money when the morning bell rings. I am thankful to God for my blessings.

The Cold Settles In


The New York Stock Exchange opened up a little confused this morning but after some headfakes here and there, we finally got a calm in the trading and the market started to move upwards. I don’t foresee any big moves for today. Additionally, with the weather. I would imagine most traders would want to call it a day after lunch which is pretty much stalling the overall market’s direction.

I traded the British Pound earlier this morning because I figured it would be a better window of opportunity instead of trading it during the London open. I got up at 4am, looked at the market, waited and got in for a trade which ultimately netted me some ticks but definitely not enough to warrant waking up so early. I will more than likely need to take a nap in the afternoon to make up for lost sleep. The cash open was in a more giving mood. After a couple of quick trades where I got kicked in the teeth looking for an overall direction, the market finally revealed its momentum and I got in for size.

It was a good day made even better because I got out of the week on a positive note and I can feel the normalcy returning to my everyday schedule. You wouldn’t believe it, but even being off for so many days, I rarely got time to play any video games – like nada. I had gotten all my shopping done for Christmas, the wife and I met all of our social engagements and I was getting sleep, but for some reason, I just did not get a boatload of free time just for myself. I went out and bought 3 used games: Grand Theft Auto 5, Metal Gear 5 & Wolfenstein but I couldn’t even play any of them. They are literally tucked into the corner of the TV entertainment shelf. The World Health Organization wants to classify obsessive video game compulsion as a mental disorder, but what about when you don’t have enough time to play video games at all. I guess that diagnosis would be called Real Life.

I am thankful to God for my blessings. I’m thankful that I got out of this week on a good and positive note. Hopefully, I can get some downtime this weekend but even if I don’t, I am still thankful and will be prepared come Monday.

Bomb Cyclone

general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange had a good move going into today’s trading session. So much so that it makes me wonder when this negative press is going to catch up to President Trump and his office. It seems like everyone is going kamikaze on him throwing whatever they could throw to see what’ll stick. Nevertheless, there is definitely a palpable sense of momentum. How could traders not feel it? This is a different market than when President Obama was at the helm.

I didn’t trade any other assets today because I didn’t see anything worth trading. Of course, that could change as the day goes on but if I did have some idea it would happen then I wouldn’t have typed up this blog so early. As it is, I think I’ll just lay off trading Feeder Cattle or any of the softs. The cash open though was rewarding. After faltering a little bit on the open, I waited for the indices to hit an oversold level and just took the market for whatever I could take. I was guaranteed that it would be more than my base risk anyway. The market corrected and I left the gambling table with cash.

As you can tell by the title of the post, I am living in the East Coast of the United States which is experiencing a “mega-storm” from Florida up to Boston. I say “mega-storm” in bunny ears because I’ve lived in the Midwestern portion of the counrty and unless you’ve lived there, you have no basis to label anything as a mega storm or bitter cold. Even the cold weather has everyone going crazy. Again, even if you’re from Boston you don’t know what cold is until you’ve been out in the Great Lakes area. The cold there literally seeps into your bones, into your bone marrow down to the molecular levels of your identity and stays there – it is NASTY. Basically, the weather we are experiencing right now and that everyone is losing their shit about is a late spring day on LaSalle street in Chicago lmaooo. However in the spirit of prudence, I still took the time yesterday to do some grocery shopping because I figure it would be nice to eat good food whilst locked in the house with the wife. Sure enough, the grocery store was crowded and I was happy with my snacks in tow until I looked at the clock at saw that it was 9:28AM and remembered I wanted to start trading again that morning. I was like “fuuuuuuuuuuuck”. I felt horrible because you know how I feel about wasted days. I already went a little bit over my allotted vacation time so I needed to get back to the captain’s seat. I’m just thankful that I got out with a profit today. After I upload this post, it’s time for round two of breakfast food and then it’s off to the backyard to get some firewood and sticks in case we have a power outage and I have to use the fireplace.

I know that I should maybe write something about 2018 being a great year and blah blah blah but you know what? Let’s just all jump into work and make money like we’ve always been raking in the millions. Forget 2018 – let’s make money forever and be grateful to big man O.G. (“original gangsta” for the older readers) for the blessings we have!