Didn’t get to post today because the wife and I went to NYC for a planned holiday. The PnL was negative today, but I had no time to feel like shit as the weather driving down I-95 was just torrential rain/sleet. Additionally, we had stuff to do as soon as we got in the city so there was no chance to gather my thoughts.

Now that I’m finally getting a chance to type this out, I do feel pangs of anger but it’s already late and the last thing I need to be doing is being miserable. I’m just glad I got to the city without too much delays.

I’m ready to go for tomorrow. Who knows, I might even trade at the Starbucks on Broad St. which is a few steps away from the NYSE.


2 thoughts on “Missed Time

  1. Hey buddy, don’t forget to be in the moment. You’re with your wife in a great city, hopeful you are both healthy and have all your senses to enjoy the moment. The market churns and turns. Have considered not trading from Starbuck? Opportunity missed is a common fear I have had as a trader, opportunity is just a state of mind, it’s not real.

    Trading from the comfort of your normal trading environment provides consistent internet and familiar sounds or lack of distractions. In the volatile market conditions, the potential for a big gain comes with = risk as you well know. Enjoy NYC, there are plenty of trading days left in 2018 to find opportunity/risk.

    Please eat a good slice of pizza and a calzone for me… and find a hotdog from a street vendor that has a line of people. Stay warm and be in the moment when you look into your wife’s eyes. Sorry for the long reply.

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    • love the comment man. Thanks! didn’t get the calzone but got some good pizza and soup dumplings. it helped to take my mind off of the markets, although we will all have to be back on full alert sunday night. hope you are enjoying the weekend


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