prof7Three and a half years ago, I was out with friends at a football game. It was a pretty cold even for November where we were – cold enough that I actually wanted some hot chocolate before drinking beer. We were going to meet up with my friend’s girlfriend and some of her other single women friends. There were no expectations. But when I saw her, something just stirred inside me and compelled me to find a way to attract her. And I did…with an array of the dumbest jokes combined with being completely forward about my interest in her.

I remember telling her this really corny pirate joke and when she laughed, a spark in her eyes told me that she felt the same way about me as I did about her. Fast forward to now, she is my wife.

After trading last Friday, I wanted to get her something special with us being in the Manhattan…you know, just because. I always have to order stuff from an e-boutique and it’s not all that fun having to wait for the FedEx guy and set up the gift bag/box myself. I love the experience of shopping on Madison Ave or 5th Ave. (who doesn’t?). After deciding what to get her (and walking her to her work conference thing) I took a taxi over to Cartier.

Walking into stores like Cartier makes me remember why I trade in the first place. I am motivated by money. It’s crass but it’s the truth. Money is what propels my soul. And to be able to walk into a boutique like that and just drop money like it’s nothing (I didn’t drop a whole lot, I just want to be clear on that. I’m not that kind of trader, lol)…well, that’s the whole point of…everything to me. Sometimes, I wish I were someone more in line with the “ideal” person; someone not insanely driven by money. But I know myself and if I wasn’t the person that I am I would be an incredibly lazy bum. I wouldn’t even come close to what I was doing that bright Friday afternoon – walking out into Madison Avenue with a beautiful gift in hand. That’s what trading has afforded me and I think that there’s nothing wrong with the admission that these things are what you want as a developing trader. It’s my wish that you find yourself there. Because I know what it’s like to struggle in the learning process. It’s hard. It’s a shitty business. But it’s also extremely, extremely lucrative.

The wife is asleep now and I just felt the need to go downstairs to my office and have a drink. I will never take for granted just how beautiful a glass of quality scotch looks under the warm glow of a desk lamp. And when I say quality, I mean anything over the basic age level. It’s also enjoying luxuries like good scotch that makes me work as insanely as I do in this dumb business. But as I’m sure you can attest to, there are small windows, moments where it’s worth it.

scotch (1 of 1)

My wife was surprised when I gave her the gift. After she put it on, I could tell she was really happy. She took her gaze off of it for a moment and smiled at me. In that moment, I saw those same sparks in her eyes from that cold November day three and a half years ago…and I didn’t have to tell a single corny joke.




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