profile 6The New York Stock Exchange, I feel, has finally found some type of equilibrium. I logged in this morning to see a 263 gain in the premarket. However, the important part was that the DOM was showing a 1 -2 tick flash spread which was being closed quickly meaning that there was enough action in the inside to warrant an overall calm in the market. This was a good sign as a calm market is what everyone needed. I really was kind of scared for a moment there but as happy as I am now, I know that we are not out of the woods yet. There are still unsettled sentiments in the market that could suddenly rear their heads in the most inopportune time to disrupt equilibrium all over again.

That being said, I wish we all could have more easy days like this. I traded Wheat this morning and got a pretty decent return out of 4 trades. Not big moves mind you, but enough to give the PnL a decent looking number. The cash open was as perfect as any cash open could ever have been. As soon as we opened, I saw that buying interest waned significantly and after 3 trades of nibbling to the short side, I went in short with the hammer. It is rare that I will load up and catch a wave like that but I am so thankful that I did. I usually have to get that same type of PnL through trading in and out for small moves with size. To be able to grab a move like that was nothing short of amazing. Today was a very very very productive day for me – and it was something that I needed after the last couple of trading sessions where I was looking at the possibility of getting drilled each and every market day.

I am thankful to God that I was able to get the kind of PnL I did today. I always say this but trading is a very hard endeavor and to get a PnL like this so easily just makes the rest of the day/week easier to deal with. I think I may take Friday off just because I believe we have endured as much as we are going to endure volatility-wise but then again, you never know. Right now, I’m just grateful and I plan on spreading that positivity into the day. It’s a rainy Thursday but you know what? It may as well be a summer day because of how well the market went. Hopefully, you guys are making good money too.


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