I did not get to trade the markets this morning as I had an unexpected thing come up. It was nothing bad so I thank God for that. Still, as bothered as I am about losing a chance to make money, I also look at is as a day where my capital was saved. It’s kind of a wash that way.

My schedule is off to a not so good start and it’s been that way since late Saturday night. I like to be a very schedule oriented person and while I make allowances for stuff that come up, I find myself confused whenever too many unexpected things happen at a consecutive clip. I basically need almost a day to regroup. Ah, what am I saying, I need the whole day to do it. Between balancing the deceptively large demands of this dumb business along with my personal life, there are times when I have to think out of the box just to be able to achieve a worthwhile amount of peace and quiet.

Here’s to not losing any capital.


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