Didn’t get to look at the open this morning. Just taking care of business. I did trade late last night and very early this morning (British Pound) and came out mostly flat on the PnL. It was all trades cancelling each other out. I just shut things down when I realized that I’d be hitting into operational capital.

I would like to get back to normalcy as quickly as I can but I’m afraid this will not be the case. Be the week’s end, I can start trading the cash open again but I’ll just let myself have the break until the beginning of next week. There’s just too many moving parts to this week’s priorities and I find myself becoming mentally fatigued to the point where I may just trade early mornings instead of doing the late night European opens.

I’m thankful for the things that I have in my life. I am so fortunate – especially on days like this where I enjoy relative peace and quiet. Of course, I always strive to have more but if there’s any doubt that I’m grateful for what I have right now, let me dispel it by acting thankful and decent.

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