What Was Supposed To Be Thursday’s Post

RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange was a little slow this morning. I figure it’s all the traders just getting ready for Good Friday. This will also be my last post for this week as I’ll just be observing the holiday and getting ready for Easter Sunday. It’s been a strange week to say the least, particularly because of my internet connectivity issues at the house. Even though I find the whole “trading at the coffeeshop” thing to be a rather unique novelty, it is – after all – just that: a novelty. It’s not something that’s recommended for a lot of people and with today’s trading, I’ll tell you why:

So, after phoning in a trade for British Pound this morning and watching it go nowhere near where I needed it to go I headed for the local Starbucks. While there, I was all ready and set to trade the cash open. The problem was – for some reason – the coffeeshop was crowded as f*ck this morning. I can usually concentrate through crowd noise if I have to but this was just too loud – it was like being in the middle of a Megadeath concert and everyone’s all riled up because they’re playing Kill The King. Anyway, I just couldn’t concentrate for the life of me and the worst part was, I actually put down some orders. Well, after a handful of round turns, I decided that I just wasn’t in the game mentally enough to keep going. I had already eroded my meager gains from British Pound so I decided that I wanted to get out of the day with some type of profit.

I’m glad that I didn’t go crazy trading today because in reality, today is not the kind of day you want to be committing capital even though we are up some 200 points. It’s one of those days where “the moves” are gradual and people get creamed on the way to the top. It’s not the type of day that I can trade, but then again it’s all me and not on anyone or anything else. I’m just grateful to God that I have another day to trade. In this pursuit of money and in this severely retarded business, the ability to survive to tomorrow is sometimes the best skill to have.


The New York Stock Exchange traded with energy both yesterday and today. Yesterday, I didn’t do so hot at the open. Today, I avenged that loss with some quick cuts for profit. Yay.

I lost money yesterday trading the British Pound. I did not make any money today trading Wheat. Ugh.

I’ve been so busy about this whole internet outage thing that I just veg out in front of my TV and not do anything. Well, that’s a lie. With spring coming up, I have gotten the grill out of the garage and was practicing on my steak/roasted vegetables techniques. Other than that, I’m just tired and I don’t really give a crap.


Bah Hamburger!

prof1The New York Stock Exchange really opened up today. I wish I had the cajones to get in premarket and stay in for the whole day but I’ve just had too many situations where I’ve held my positions and then got my cajones kicked in so badly that I didn’t want to trade for the next couple of days. So it was with this session that there were great opportunities to be had. And of course, the big news is that China wants to deal with the US on how to ease the whole tariff situation – which is a GOOD thing! I’ve heard people say that we can’t afford to bring on tariffs because we don’t have the infrastructure to subsidize the shortfall of materials because of it. I say to that Bah Hamburger! You know why? Because people, our citizens, are the first bricks of all the infrastructure that we’ll ever make. And if we find a way to put that manpower to work well, damn, we are gonna be ballin in no time. This also illustrates the whole market crash thing to me. I don’t like to get all metaphysical but you can’t have a market going up while people are getting underpaid and overworked – that’s the beginnings of Les Miserables type shit and honestly, I don’t sing that well so I wouldn’t be of any use if some Les Miserables type shit popped off in the United States. People want revolution. For what?? I say to that Bah Hamburger! What I think Trump’s aim is that if we are going to have an upward market then the workers are going to benefit from it too and that’s a lasting form of value instead of the Fed crafting swiggity swooggity magic to ease rates and make people get into a soft money rally. People will say I’m being unrealistic but honestly, is there anything bad about wanting American median wage to increase? Especially since we haven’t had a meaningful one in like FOREVER? Also, people will say that you have to do this through entitlements. You know what I say to that? Bah Hamburger!

Now, you may be wondering why I keep saying Bah Hamburger so let me tell you….

I still haven’t gotten the internet situation fixed at the house so trading there was going to be a no-go. My wife’s new license plates for her new SUV arrived so we just decided to make it a day trip and haul up to the dealership early with the provision that if we found a Starbucks I would get in there and work my silky magic on the cash open. Alas, the silky magic did not occur because I couldn’t find a Starbucks along the way (weird, right? but at least I had on CNBC while driving so that’s where I got my news). So we got her plates at around 10:30 or something like that and in that town or village or commercial mall thingy there were a whole bunch of stores and restaurants (Starbucks being one of them). We just decided to walk around the mall before heading back to the house. So she shopped, I followed around, we went to the Apple store and I was pressing buttons, swiping on screens and asking questions about the price of the MacBook Pros knowing damn well I wasn’t gonna buy it (would have been cool to, though but my trading program doesn’t do Mac). Luncthime rolled around and we were looking for a place to eat. Then the wife was like “Let’s go to Shake Shack”. I never had Shake Shack before (I know, I’m weird). So I’m like “cool” and we go. Shake shack is like the Starbucks of hamburger joints so I’m expecting to be blown out of my seats given the number of people there. What I got, by recommendation of the wife, was devoid of any soul or breadth. It just didn’t have any kick to it. I was like “this is what everyone goes crazy for?” Of course, I’m not gonna say it out loud for everyone to hear even though I want to protest the grotesque prices of these sad excuses for “food”. Whatever. The wife asked me what I thought of the place and I nodded and said it was ok. But you know what I was saying in my mind?

You know it, baby.

Bah Hamburger!


We Outta Here Brah!

The New York Stock Exchange briefly opened up with some energy but nothing too crazy. I knew that today wasn’t going to be an earth shocking session especially since we’ve already had all the last vestiges of selling yesterday. I figure that all the temporary buyers probably got their faces kicked in and are now regearing for the next move upwards.

I didn’t need to trade all that much this morning because I figure that with all the negativity swirling around in the market, we would probably have a couple of up moves and I was right. I just put on some size and sat there as the markets just moved in my direction. It was one of the quickest cash open trade series I’ve ever done, but it was also because I was completely bored and lazy, I didn’t really feel like trading much after that. You only get one or two moves in that way after a steep decline so I wasn’t about to go and test my luck. I was very fortunate.

My asset trades, however, were not. I traded Feeder Cattle today in an attempt to exploit any tariff news and didn’t really get what I wanted. I got a couple of ticks but there was nothing to write about. All in all, for the stress that I incurred in that position – even a positive number as low as what I got didn’t feel like I had won. Still I am grateful.

I am typing this while on my way back home. My cousin said that most of the snow has already melted from the Nor’Easter so driving back there should be easy. What’s not going to be easy is my ISP making repairs on my network – but then, I’m already prepared for that. I’m just glad I’m going home and I’m glad that I didn’t shit the bed with trading. Praise the Lord!

Take Me Home Country Roads

RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange started off with energy this morning. I am on my second (or third) day of not reading any news. I just walk into the Starbucks, squeeze into my little nook and cranny of trading, do mah thang and grunt out an order. Usually, I just take an Americano or something – nothing too crazy. Then, as quietly as I come in I leave because I’m cool like that. The baristas have taken notice of me so I just chit chat with them for a little bit. In reality, I need them to know that I’m not some wankalicious loser that has nowhere to go in the mornings and that my wife has a work conference here so I’m coming with her. I tell them of my amazing life back where I’m from and make sure to jazz up the details: again, I’m there to trade I’m not there to “write” or “code my new app” or “work on my startup” LOL.


I only covered commissions today because my trading completely ate camel shit this morning. Yes, the market was moving but overall, I just could not get into the mental rhythm because I took 3 quick losers and after that it was just making money and losing money. There were some good trades here and there and that’s pretty much what hoisted me above water but I realized that I’m just screwing myself over if I keep trading. I don’t need to put up with this stupid business if it ain’t gonna give me money – f*ck that. As for other assets, I traded the British Pound just before bangin this post out. I thought that we’d see some type of move going into the end of the London session but there wasn’t much of an impetus going into the currency markets here (watch, after I logged off that thing probably went 100 ticks or something). So basically, I covered commissions there on size.

I am thankful to God that I didn’t do anything ruinous to the account. It’s very hard to trade and if I haven’t made it clear I can’t stand this dumb piece of sh*t business. I live for the day that I never have to do this stuff again because I’ve won a gigantic lottery or some distant relative that I know nothing of died and decided to leave me his or her vast estate complete with a half a billion dollar fortune. I wish that so bad. But until then I have to work but I am thankful for the life I have.

I’m just bored as f*ck right now and I am desperate to go home. I’m done playing Nintendo 64. I was on the verge of buying at Xbox 360 from the local Gamestop in the area but I’m only gonna be here until tomorrow afternoon so there’s no point and I already have a 360 at the house. So basically, I’ll just be stuck here finding weird stuff to do you know, like….read…or…think about life.


The Big One

profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up with some good energy. I was sipping my warm apple cider in the Starbucks as the opening bell went off. This was a healthy open, not much swaying the market but there was enough people buying and selling which created opportunities for little hookworms like me to make some type of a livelihood. I didn’t read the newspaper either which was a surprise to me. I think my brain has blown a fuse where I just don’t care about the news that’s going on around me anymore. Rather, I would just rather keep abreast of really really important market developments like if the Dow somehow slides another 1000 points or something like that. Other than those types of news, I just don’t really care. Is it bad? I don’t know.

I felt like there were good perching points to be able to get some trades from this morning because the market wasn’t being moved by anything so it was just business as usual for the heavy whales. I got in and got out.  The only thing about today was that I was playing with size so I didn’t trade as much given how much capital I was risking but I still made out with a productive gain. The other asset I traded today was Wheat in the morning and that worked out well for me. I didn’t catch as many ticks as I wanted to but again, on size it made for a good looking PnL number which was also meaningful in relation to my cost of doing business.

So my cousin tells me that the nor’easter is starting and the snow is getting a little heavier. I suppose I will be trading out of a Starbucks for the next week because there’s no way – with how my house is situated – that my ISP can get in and fix the problem. The other thing is that I also  do not have a basement which makes for running wires extremely difficult. I don’t imagine that with this weather any meaningful work can be done. I would give anything for the snow to be here in Syracuse instead. Speaking of which, I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of the place. One of my buddies attended Syracuse University so it’s nice to be able to go back and show the wife some of the places we hung out at – mostly ate. Other than that, I’m just a boring trader. I’ll probably go and get some Metamucil and hang out in the hotel room bundled up reading on my tablet.

Snow Day

general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange had a pretty subdued opening. I didn’t get to read The Wall Street Journal this morning because it was so cold that all I could think of was leaving the Starbucks and getting back to my hotel room. While I could have traded from there theoretically, hotels are just notorious for having crappy connections and this place was no exception. If it ain’t fast, it doesn’t connect and if it does connect and disconnects, you are waiting minutes before you’re on again. Maybe it’s just me that this stuff happens to but after my experiences with hotel Wi-Fi, I don’t want to bet thousands of dollars that it can hold up for my connection with streaming prices – and mind you, I don’t even use charts except to look at the daily ones and make squiggly swoogly purple and yellow lines against lime green backgrounds. That’s how I roll, yo.

I barely covered commissions today. I don’t think it was “the market” per se rather it was just my inability to put myself in good trades. The only positive I can take out of this was that I got out of bad ones quickly. If you’re paying with one hand tied behind your back – or really, for most days, your ability to cut your losses short will preserve you. On a day like today when I decided not to trade other assets, my impatience for shitty trades kept me from losing money. Who knows, maybe I didn’t cover commissions but the main point is that I didn’t get bent over and caned like some petulant child talking back to their parents.

The internet situation at the house has now gone from bad to Mexican-style-tap water-explosive-diarrhea. My cousin is staying there so he can let the internet people come in and do whatever they need to do but because of this new Nor’Easter that’s threatening us, my wait time to get back online could go into next week. If my wife didn’t have this conference thing, I’d probably have to be trading at my local Starbucks every day – something I’m doing now but YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE (is there really a difference? lol). Anyhow, I asked the concierge last night about having some more Nintendo 64 cartridges to play but he said that they had a problem with kids stealing the games that they decided to only have one game per room.

Forget gun control! Let’s bring paddling kids/adults who steal video games from hotel rooms into the national discussion!

A Different Vibe

prof7The New York Stock Exchange opened up with some energy this morning. I have no idea what the news was but it had to have been pretty big if the overall market sank. I am here in beautiful Syracuse, New York because the wife has another conference thingy to go to so we are just hanging around town and well…I’m trying not to get shitfaced from the hotel liquor. I will be up here for most of the week which means room service and overall weirdness being out of my regular surroundings. One cool thing that they have here (I don’t know if it came with our suite arrangements) is a Nintendo 64. Of course, there aren’t any other games but I suppose I can ask the concierge if they can provide me with a handful of different game cartridges.

The only thing I did was the cash open today because I didn’t really feel all that comfortable with the other assets. I figure I’ll just save my money until I see a good opportunity. I kind of wish that I had traded other stuff because my performance in the cash open wasn’t all that hot. It wasn’t shabby but I certainly can’t live the way I want to live if I keep trading like that. Suffice it to say, there were trades I made good on and there were trades I shat the bed. The problem was that some of those trades were on size and that is never good.

Of course I want to make money and more of it but these are the times I know I need to mentally chill out because these are “trap weeks”. Basically, these are times when things are so different that you are in danger of approaching trading in a way that you usually don’t and that will usually result in losses. Ok enough of this shit, I want to order room service for a late lunch and see what Nintendo 64 games I can get. Booyah!!!!

Fried Friday

Could not trade because I had to wait for the internet guy.

Made sandwiches, ate snacks, did household stuff like replace flood light bulbs.

Played on the original Xbox while the internet guy tried to fix my connection.

Connection still spotty. They will send someone out tomorrow.

Have to plan for next week.


profile 6The New York Stock Exchange traded with some energy this morning but because of problems with my internet, I didn’t feel safe playing the cash open.

I traded the British Pound early this morning and things seemed to go well. Then after 3 trades, I noticed that I kept getting kicked off the system. When I’d go to reconnect, there was no internet connection. I waited a little bit, thankful that I didn’t have a position when system failure occurred, and then attempted to log in. I was able to log in but I noticed that the Wi-Fi indicator on the laptop wasn’t giving out full strength even though I sit the length of a French baguette away from the wireless modem. I saw the effect this had on limit orders that I put out waaaaay far from the current market and the whole thing was just slow, even cancelling it. If I can’t cancel an order, then that is a very bad thing.

I tried waiting until 9:15am and seeing how my internet was but it was so spotty that I decided it would be incredibly stupid of me to try and trade the cash open with this connection. With that, I just took my handful of ticks and called it a non-productive, but capital saving day. I am now in the process of talking with my internet representatives about this problem and while I know that it won’t be solved until Tuesday (because these thing usually take so long to fix), at least I have a place to trade for tomorrow. I am thankful that this didn’t take any capital away from me.