profilepic4The New York Stock Exchange has been settling down and I can feel it being less and less of the monster that it was a few weeks ago. This is good news for me and I suspect good news for a lot of traders. I saw that we had a bit of a doozy yesterday with the market but at this point a four digit move is the only thing that would make my ears and eyebrows perk with interest. I’m not going to really think about trading for the rest of the week because I’ve decided to take the day off tomorrow.

The wife and I are working through a bit of a situation regarding her parent’s house and this has needed our attention because it’s something we’ve all kind of kicked the can down the road on for a while. Negotiating repair costs with contractors can be such a drag and it’s made even more so after we’ve just gotten done negotiating for her new SUV. It’s taken quite a bit of a toll on us given the unexpected nature and scope of the repair. How does this tie in to my trading? Good question. The thing is it shouldn’t but because the wife and I absolutely refuse to deal with this problem on our weekends, we decided that it is best to deal with it during the week and battle it as aggressively as we can. This leaves me with no other choice than to pull back on daily trading work.

However, as you know I didn’t scale all the way back. It hasn’t been a dead week so to speak but it hasn’t been a spectacular one either as I was trading with essentially one hand tied behind my back. The cash open though today – even though I wish I did better – was productive. I didn’t make as much as I wanted to but hey, beggars cannot be choosers. I also traded Wheat in the early going but got nothing out of that with the exception of a few ticks.

Like I said, I will be taking the day off tomorrow so that we can make the weekend as light as possible. I’m not expecting any miracles but if we only have to do a morning’s worth of work on Saturday, I will be very happy. Hope the Friday will net you guys some money.


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