profile 6The New York Stock Exchange was relatively quiet this morning. The spread wasn’t so daunting as to direct price volatility but there was enough movement in the DOM for money-making. Do you guys ever have those weeks where there is just so much happening consecutively that you’re almost at the point of shitting the bed and saying “fuck it”? Well, that’s me right now. Last week, I told you about how the wife and I were working on something for her parent’s house. Well, it all worked out very well and by Saturday night, we were reflecting on how well we worked together as a team.

By the time Sunday rolled around though all of those good feelings dissipated as we had another issue, this time for her work, that came up and had to be addressed. I never want my wife to feel like she’s on an island so I always do my best to help her even if it’s just a ride to work if she feels too tired to drive. Anyway, this problem has been taking so much of our mental time and has been a taxing endeavor. I’m starting to almost forget that I trade for a living because of how these waves of problems seem to wash ashore when the prior wave isn’t even starting to retreat. So that’s where I am. I couldn’t really find an asset to trade outside of my cash market opens so I just concentrated on the Nasdaq. Overall, it was…..ok. Mostly productive but it wasn’t a grand slam. Let’s just call it triple in game 5 of the NLCS against Jake Arrieta being down 1-2 in the count late in the game (something like that, lol). I traded for size today so it really lifted the PnL.

I am quite exhausted. I wish I could just drop everything, put the wife in the truck and head out to the airport for a trip to Lake Tahoe. God, that would be great. But as great as it is, there are things here that need to be cleaned up and I’m not exactly making Lake Tahoe type of money so far this month. For now, I just gotta grind. I am thankful to the man upstairs that I’m staying ahead of my costs – now if God could only give me a couple hundred million I would be set.


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