general-william-tecumseh-shermanThe New York Stock Exchange is definitely settling down. I can feel it with each passing day. there may be one or two hiccup days like yesterday but overall, there’s a normalcy that’s creeping into the markets and I’m looking forward to things “easing” and everybody getting a fair shot at trading once again (as if it’s ever been fair). I totally forgot to post yesterday but I was productive in both my asset trades and the cash open.

Today, I traded Feeder Cattle for a decent gain and more or less broke even in the cash open because I dug myself into a hole trading YM that I just couldn’t climb out of. In the end, the only thing that buoyed my performance was Feeder Cattle. I can’t say I’m too broken up about it. After all, having money is better than losing it so I’m not complaining.

We had that huge nor’easter yesterday and it just kicked the crap out of everybody on the interstate. This is why I didn’t remember about posting. Anyway, you could barely see anything. The wife had to go in for work and she ended up being too scared to drive back. I don’t blame her. When I picked her up in my heroic American pickup truck, we were the ones leading the line of other cars through the snow packed highways. The plows couldn’t keep up with the amount of snow falling. There were people getting stuck and pulling over but not us, we just kept trucking. I just made sure to keep an eye on where the divider was because it was literally white out conditions. The irony of the whole situation was that once we got home, the snow stopped. It was a bad storm at its worst but a total nothingburger in whole: fake weather, that’s what I called it. The wife didn’t want to admit it, but even in her new luxury SUV it would have been tough to navigate those conditions. I wouldn’t have trusted it to be honest with you. This is why my gigantic pickup truck signaling American strength and macho virility complete with heavy metal guitar riffs playing in the background is always the go-to vehicle for me.

When we got home, I kept trying to give my wife “the macho man seductive eye”. After rescuing her from that bad snowstorm, I felt like I was owed a little something something, you know what I mean? LOL. Anyway, she toasted up two Eggo waffles for me and reminded me it was recycle bin pickup tomorrow. SAD!


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