profile 6The New York Stock Exchange seems to be settling down. Even with news that Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson has been fired, the markets seem to be taking everything in stride and just carrying on with whatever business has to be addressed. What will this mean for the markets moving forward? Who knows. But hopefully, it will have the kinds of opportunities that can produce solid returns for everyone participating.

Speaking of participation, I wish I didn’t do anything today and just took the day off because I’m just churning business capital over here. My British Pound trades were ok. I exited on of that asset with a handful of ticks on size. Nothing to write home about mind you but there was enough to call the day productive. It was the cash open that proved to be the PnL killer. I thought we were going to get subdued moves – which we did – so I ended up putting on size on my trades. It turned out that the moves were so staggered that I ended up getting out at the wrong times and thus costing myself several dollars in PnL cushion. Basically, I ended up churning my way out of the cash open with the costs from that misguided foray getting into the British Pound trades. You could imagine how upset I was.

But that’s how it goes in this largely stupid dogshit business. I’m left again ruminating on what could have been had I followed my parents’ advice and become a lawyer. In fact, that’s probably what I’m going to tell my kids but knowing the way I was when I was young my kids would probably do the same stupid shit like try to become Hollywood stars or YouTube influencers. I guess that’s just the luck of the draw. Still, I have to thank God that I didn’t push my business costs to a really bad place. I still have tomorrow and the whole year is still positive for me. I bought some lottery tickets this morning. I’m hoping that I’ll strike it rich.


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