3cc83349662986993de32476f7c2fe21The New York Stock Exchange is definitely well back into its normal trading cycles. Volatility is there but there are also periods of calm price flow. Everything is kind of where it needs to be, at least from my gut perspective. Today was a strange trading day for me as my internet went out early in the morning so that left me with only the cash open to concentrate on.

I went to a local Starbucks near me (thank God they have multiple locations that are readily available) and traded the cash open there. There wasn’t a whole lot of price points to jump off from but there were opportunities. However, because of the beating I suffered yesterday I just scaled down a little bit on the capital exposure and made sure to chip away here and there. Overall, trading the cash open was productive and I beat out business costs in a meaningful way. I did not trade too much because on days like this, trading too much is a capital exposure risk that subjects your account to undo stress – and you know I don’t like stress. There’s stress enough being in this dumb business.

I am thankful to God that things worked out today. While I didn’t take home a nice payday, it was still something and money in the pocket is better than a PnL that hasn’t been closed yet. This week has flown by. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.


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