profile 6The New York Stock Exchange traded with some energy this morning but because of problems with my internet, I didn’t feel safe playing the cash open.

I traded the British Pound early this morning and things seemed to go well. Then after 3 trades, I noticed that I kept getting kicked off the system. When I’d go to reconnect, there was no internet connection. I waited a little bit, thankful that I didn’t have a position when system failure occurred, and then attempted to log in. I was able to log in but I noticed that the Wi-Fi indicator on the laptop wasn’t giving out full strength even though I sit the length of a French baguette away from the wireless modem. I saw the effect this had on limit orders that I put out waaaaay far from the current market and the whole thing was just slow, even cancelling it. If I can’t cancel an order, then that is a very bad thing.

I tried waiting until 9:15am and seeing how my internet was but it was so spotty that I decided it would be incredibly stupid of me to try and trade the cash open with this connection. With that, I just took my handful of ticks and called it a non-productive, but capital saving day. I am now in the process of talking with my internet representatives about this problem and while I know that it won’t be solved until Tuesday (because these thing usually take so long to fix), at least I have a place to trade for tomorrow. I am thankful that this didn’t take any capital away from me.


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