prof7The New York Stock Exchange opened up with some energy this morning. I have no idea what the news was but it had to have been pretty big if the overall market sank. I am here in beautiful Syracuse, New York because the wife has another conference thingy to go to so we are just hanging around town and well…I’m trying not to get shitfaced from the hotel liquor. I will be up here for most of the week which means room service and overall weirdness being out of my regular surroundings. One cool thing that they have here (I don’t know if it came with our suite arrangements) is a Nintendo 64. Of course, there aren’t any other games but I suppose I can ask the concierge if they can provide me with a handful of different game cartridges.

The only thing I did was the cash open today because I didn’t really feel all that comfortable with the other assets. I figure I’ll just save my money until I see a good opportunity. I kind of wish that I had traded other stuff because my performance in the cash open wasn’t all that hot. It wasn’t shabby but I certainly can’t live the way I want to live if I keep trading like that. Suffice it to say, there were trades I made good on and there were trades I shat the bed. The problem was that some of those trades were on size and that is never good.

Of course I want to make money and more of it but these are the times I know I need to mentally chill out because these are “trap weeks”. Basically, these are times when things are so different that you are in danger of approaching trading in a way that you usually don’t and that will usually result in losses. Ok enough of this shit, I want to order room service for a late lunch and see what Nintendo 64 games I can get. Booyah!!!!


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