profilepic3The New York Stock Exchange opened up with some good energy. I was sipping my warm apple cider in the Starbucks as the opening bell went off. This was a healthy open, not much swaying the market but there was enough people buying and selling which created opportunities for little hookworms like me to make some type of a livelihood. I didn’t read the newspaper either which was a surprise to me. I think my brain has blown a fuse where I just don’t care about the news that’s going on around me anymore. Rather, I would just rather keep abreast of really really important market developments like if the Dow somehow slides another 1000 points or something like that. Other than those types of news, I just don’t really care. Is it bad? I don’t know.

I felt like there were good perching points to be able to get some trades from this morning because the market wasn’t being moved by anything so it was just business as usual for the heavy whales. I got in and got out.  The only thing about today was that I was playing with size so I didn’t trade as much given how much capital I was risking but I still made out with a productive gain. The other asset I traded today was Wheat in the morning and that worked out well for me. I didn’t catch as many ticks as I wanted to but again, on size it made for a good looking PnL number which was also meaningful in relation to my cost of doing business.

So my cousin tells me that the nor’easter is starting and the snow is getting a little heavier. I suppose I will be trading out of a Starbucks for the next week because there’s no way – with how my house is situated – that my ISP can get in and fix the problem. The other thing is that I also  do not have a basement which makes for running wires extremely difficult. I don’t imagine that with this weather any meaningful work can be done. I would give anything for the snow to be here in Syracuse instead. Speaking of which, I’m enjoying the sights and sounds of the place. One of my buddies attended Syracuse University so it’s nice to be able to go back and show the wife some of the places we hung out at – mostly ate. Other than that, I’m just a boring trader. I’ll probably go and get some Metamucil and hang out in the hotel room bundled up reading on my tablet.

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