RooftoRunThe New York Stock Exchange started off with energy this morning. I am on my second (or third) day of not reading any news. I just walk into the Starbucks, squeeze into my little nook and cranny of trading, do mah thang and grunt out an order. Usually, I just take an Americano or something – nothing too crazy. Then, as quietly as I come in I leave because I’m cool like that. The baristas have taken notice of me so I just chit chat with them for a little bit. In reality, I need them to know that I’m not some wankalicious loser that has nowhere to go in the mornings and that my wife has a work conference here so I’m coming with her. I tell them of my amazing life back where I’m from and make sure to jazz up the details: again, I’m there to trade I’m not there to “write” or “code my new app” or “work on my startup” LOL.


I only covered commissions today because my trading completely ate camel shit this morning. Yes, the market was moving but overall, I just could not get into the mental rhythm because I took 3 quick losers and after that it was just making money and losing money. There were some good trades here and there and that’s pretty much what hoisted me above water but I realized that I’m just screwing myself over if I keep trading. I don’t need to put up with this stupid business if it ain’t gonna give me money – f*ck that. As for other assets, I traded the British Pound just before bangin this post out. I thought that we’d see some type of move going into the end of the London session but there wasn’t much of an impetus going into the currency markets here (watch, after I logged off that thing probably went 100 ticks or something). So basically, I covered commissions there on size.

I am thankful to God that I didn’t do anything ruinous to the account. It’s very hard to trade and if I haven’t made it clear I can’t stand this dumb piece of sh*t business. I live for the day that I never have to do this stuff again because I’ve won a gigantic lottery or some distant relative that I know nothing of died and decided to leave me his or her vast estate complete with a half a billion dollar fortune. I wish that so bad. But until then I have to work but I am thankful for the life I have.

I’m just bored as f*ck right now and I am desperate to go home. I’m done playing Nintendo 64. I was on the verge of buying at Xbox 360 from the local Gamestop in the area but I’m only gonna be here until tomorrow afternoon so there’s no point and I already have a 360 at the house. So basically, I’ll just be stuck here finding weird stuff to do you know, like….read…or…think about life.


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