The New York Stock Exchange briefly opened up with some energy but nothing too crazy. I knew that today wasn’t going to be an earth shocking session especially since we’ve already had all the last vestiges of selling yesterday. I figure that all the temporary buyers probably got their faces kicked in and are now regearing for the next move upwards.

I didn’t need to trade all that much this morning because I figure that with all the negativity swirling around in the market, we would probably have a couple of up moves and I was right. I just put on some size and sat there as the markets just moved in my direction. It was one of the quickest cash open trade series I’ve ever done, but it was also because I was completely bored and lazy, I didn’t really feel like trading much after that. You only get one or two moves in that way after a steep decline so I wasn’t about to go and test my luck. I was very fortunate.

My asset trades, however, were not. I traded Feeder Cattle today in an attempt to exploit any tariff news and didn’t really get what I wanted. I got a couple of ticks but there was nothing to write about. All in all, for the stress that I incurred in that position – even a positive number as low as what I got didn’t feel like I had won. Still I am grateful.

I am typing this while on my way back home. My cousin said that most of the snow has already melted from the Nor’Easter so driving back there should be easy. What’s not going to be easy is my ISP making repairs on my network – but then, I’m already prepared for that. I’m just glad I’m going home and I’m glad that I didn’t shit the bed with trading. Praise the Lord!

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