prof1The New York Stock Exchange really opened up today. I wish I had the cajones to get in premarket and stay in for the whole day but I’ve just had too many situations where I’ve held my positions and then got my cajones kicked in so badly that I didn’t want to trade for the next couple of days. So it was with this session that there were great opportunities to be had. And of course, the big news is that China wants to deal with the US on how to ease the whole tariff situation – which is a GOOD thing! I’ve heard people say that we can’t afford to bring on tariffs because we don’t have the infrastructure to subsidize the shortfall of materials because of it. I say to that Bah Hamburger! You know why? Because people, our citizens, are the first bricks of all the infrastructure that we’ll ever make. And if we find a way to put that manpower to work well, damn, we are gonna be ballin in no time. This also illustrates the whole market crash thing to me. I don’t like to get all metaphysical but you can’t have a market going up while people are getting underpaid and overworked – that’s the beginnings of Les Miserables type shit and honestly, I don’t sing that well so I wouldn’t be of any use if some Les Miserables type shit popped off in the United States. People want revolution. For what?? I say to that Bah Hamburger! What I think Trump’s aim is that if we are going to have an upward market then the workers are going to benefit from it too and that’s a lasting form of value instead of the Fed crafting swiggity swooggity magic to ease rates and make people get into a soft money rally. People will say I’m being unrealistic but honestly, is there anything bad about wanting American median wage to increase? Especially since we haven’t had a meaningful one in like FOREVER? Also, people will say that you have to do this through entitlements. You know what I say to that? Bah Hamburger!

Now, you may be wondering why I keep saying Bah Hamburger so let me tell you….

I still haven’t gotten the internet situation fixed at the house so trading there was going to be a no-go. My wife’s new license plates for her new SUV arrived so we just decided to make it a day trip and haul up to the dealership early with the provision that if we found a Starbucks I would get in there and work my silky magic on the cash open. Alas, the silky magic did not occur because I couldn’t find a Starbucks along the way (weird, right? but at least I had on CNBC while driving so that’s where I got my news). So we got her plates at around 10:30 or something like that and in that town or village or commercial mall thingy there were a whole bunch of stores and restaurants (Starbucks being one of them). We just decided to walk around the mall before heading back to the house. So she shopped, I followed around, we went to the Apple store and I was pressing buttons, swiping on screens and asking questions about the price of the MacBook Pros knowing damn well I wasn’t gonna buy it (would have been cool to, though but my trading program doesn’t do Mac). Luncthime rolled around and we were looking for a place to eat. Then the wife was like “Let’s go to Shake Shack”. I never had Shake Shack before (I know, I’m weird). So I’m like “cool” and we go. Shake shack is like the Starbucks of hamburger joints so I’m expecting to be blown out of my seats given the number of people there. What I got, by recommendation of the wife, was devoid of any soul or breadth. It just didn’t have any kick to it. I was like “this is what everyone goes crazy for?” Of course, I’m not gonna say it out loud for everyone to hear even though I want to protest the grotesque prices of these sad excuses for “food”. Whatever. The wife asked me what I thought of the place and I nodded and said it was ok. But you know what I was saying in my mind?

You know it, baby.

Bah Hamburger!


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