I did not see how the New Yorkprofilepic1 Stock Exchange traded off the bat but judging from the way the market looks, I’m almost sure there was a sell-off of 2001-esque proportions. Last I saw, we were down by 600+ pts so I’m sure there will be news about this. As the title of the post suggests, I was not able to work in the way that I wanted to this morning. My internet is still out and I am, predictably, losing patience in my service provider. But I know we just had weather issues stemming from last week and that takes time to get through. Still…it’s frustrating.

I did not trade any other assets early this morning because I didn’t feel comfortable with how they were shaping up. But boy, if I knew how the market was gonna go I definitely would have traded a currency pair. So, I’m on my way to dropping off my wife when we hit traffic on the freeway. Usually, when we hit traffic, we’re fine with 10 to 20 minutes of waiting. We know it’s just the nature of the beast. However, when it’s 21, 22, 23 minutes, we start to get a little worried. Beyond 25 minutes and we are in full WTF mode. And that’s how it was this morning. We were stuck in the mother of all traffic jams. My wife, being the navigator that she is, combed through Twitter trying to see what was going on. Surely enough, the accident involved tractor trailers and a few cars. Why do I say “sure enough”? Well, because in these accidents that occur on lanes designated SPECIFICALLY for trucks and large vehicles, you have these Fast & Furious wannabes that dart through and change lanes. This creates a hazard when there are big haulers and guys like me with a 4 ton truck doing 80-90 miles per hour (128 – 145 km/hr for you outside of the U.S.). Surely enough, when we got to the scene of the accident, some 1 and a half hours later (I’m serious), the shape of the smaller cars (spoiler kits, racing wheels, and jumbo exhaust pipes strewn all over the place) said it all : completely opened up, totaled and just destroyed. We later learned that 3 people died at the scene and 2 others were severely injured.

I see this all the time here. Some kids watch Fast & Furious, modify the crap out of their cars and drive like they have extra lives. I get it – they’re kids and some of them have to fall through the cracks of probability, but to get into that kind of accident and shut down a narrow stretch of vital interstate freeway is so morally reprehensible. I did not get to work, my wife will end up working late and it’s all because you had people who wanted to drive recklessly. Now, I only know this was the case because there was a report on this in the local news when I got home earlier this afternoon. If not, I obviously wouldn’t guess the situation. I’m sad that people died but I’m pissed because that took away an opportunity for me to make money. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t screw up people’s day just because you want to drive all fast and badass. Take your car to the track and goof around there. Now, I have one less day of making money and 2 hours of time that I’ll never get back.


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