77bdd6e367dfe91371285de6869c907bThe New York Stock Exchange started off with good energy out of the bell. We had buyers, we had sellers, we had shucksters and bullhorn billys doing their thing. Overall, it was a market and I’m glad, especially with how we traded yesterday. That must have been a bloodbath for people involved. I was not but the explanation for that is the post before this. Anyway, yeah – it was a day and that’s that. Right now, I’m eating lunch that I made and it’s a cloudy April afternoon.

I traded Wheat this morning and caught some really good moves in two trades that I made. It helped immensely that I was on size for both. I was definitely feeling good about the overall PnL – I even thought about just shutting it down for the day and not trading the cash open. But as with all things, when you’ve got an obligation you’ve got to fulfill it and the portfolio has to run on trading both an asset or two and the cash open. Without it I will be optimizing and depending on one thing to get me where I need to be which sounds great when you’re winning but it will completely destroy you in a losing spell. That being said, the cash open was like the warmth of that camel animal thingy that Luke Skywalker had to segment and keep himself warm in its stomach to survive the brutal winterstorm. It really was like that except I would probably be too grossed out to do something like that and would more than likely freeze to death if I had to make the choice.

In summation…

Both asset trades and the cash open were done with size. I basked in the warm teat of green PnL numbers and now I am here eating a chicken and avocado sandwich I made because I am the alpha bohemian hipster and I make all the other hipsters weep in their ultra slim jeans and lattes made from Cambodian coffee beans – especially when I burn coal out of my truck. Avocado is the fuel of the bourgeoisie.

I am fortunate.

I am blessed.

I am also sleepy.



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