profile5The New York Stock Exchange started off energetically yesterday. Too bad though that I just sucked trading. I lost money on both the cash open and my asset trades of which Orange Juice was the only commodity I dipped my capital into. Both trading sets were doomed from the get go. I pretty much ended the week on a sour note and it sucks.

Of course, that was Thursday and you’re probably wondering why – along with me not posting (again) – I’m referring to ending the week. Well, I should have known there was something wrong on Tuesday when I just felt so lethargic. By the time Wednesday night came around I was just a total wreck. Thursday morning was the confirmation. I had been getting progressively sicker as the week went on. I have no idea where I caught this cold/flu but maybe it was because I’ve been exposing myself to rain. I don’t know how that could happen as I’m out in the rain practically all the time. Anyway, I was miserable on Wednesday and by the time I was finished getting my ass whooped on Thursday I knew I had a decision to make. So after my post mortem analysis of my trades, and getting medicine from the pharmacy, and getting checked out by the doctor at the wife’s behest, I decided that I would do something that I’ve done only once in the last three or four years – take a sick day. Even the wife was amazed. She has only seen me take one other sick day since we’ve been together but she understands why. There was just something about this particular under-the-weatherness that really got me. I was just tired and I just simply could not bring myself to do ANYTHING. Mind you, I’ve got tax stuff that I’m wrapping up before the deadline so if I can’t do that then I know I’m just really sick.

So I don’t know what happened in the market today outside of it taking a beating because the President is going to slap out some more import tariffs. All in all, I could care less because even with the orange juice and antibiotics I am still in that mode where I have to recuperate. I don’t mind so much but I do want to be ready for Monday. With that said I’m going to be sleeping a lot and making sure I get as much rest as possible. And by rest I mean playing Xbox until my fingers go out, watching TV and eating junk food until my vegetative state has allowed my immune system to recuperate to the point where I can function beyond the intellectual capability of a goldfish.


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