prof4The New York Stock Exchange was subdued for today as the White House is trying to soothe its tone with tariffs. At least, that’s what I’m getting out of it. I am still not over my flu symptoms. In fact, I have been in a holding pattern since Friday afternoon. When I realized that this was a different kind of cold last Wednesday, I asked my doctor to prescribe me antibiotics. Of course, he didn’t want to give them to me and instead told me to just do Day/Nyquil. I was like “nah bro, this is a different type of cold”. So after some pushing and prodding, I was able to get a prescription. I am really thankful for that because I was miserable for the whole weekend and I am wondering just how worse off I would have been if I had not done the antibiotics.

Anyway, this morning I traded British Pound and got my ass kicked so badly that I was ecstatic I didn’t go in with size. That left it for the cash open to be my savior. Because I felt like we were going to be a little on the less volatile side I went ahead and maxed out on the contracts that I was trading. I figure with a ratio of 3 good trades to 1 loser, I’d make money. Well, I did lose on a couple of trades but I more than made up for it with my winners and that was the difference in the day.

I cannot emphasize on this blog how crappy I feel. I felt like my sickness was going to screw up my trading and for a while before the cash open, it did. So much so that I was contemplating whether or not to trade the cash open. I’m glad I did though because if not, I would have been stuck wondering what-if and looking at a crappy PnL number. I am down to my last antibiotic tomorrow and I still have not improved. I will have to go to another doctor after this. Right now, I’m just trying to make sure the wife doesn’t get sick from me.


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