Roughly 1 year ago, after a quiet period of lurking and subscribing to trading blogs, I decided to shimmy my way bag to the blogosphere and talk about trading….and stuff. I had another blog that I updated religiously back in 2012 (or maybe 2011). It was much in the same format as this one except the other one was on Blogger and because I was going through a difficult breakup at the time, some of my posts were on the emo side while capturing the markets of that period. Many of the things I do now were started around that time. For example, if I needed to trade mobile I would lug my ridiculously heavy and pathetically underpowered laptop with me to Starbucks (this was before they “modernized” their interior designs). I started taking more meticulous record keeping measures as well as reading the front page of the Journal only instead of reading the M&I section. Ah, those were strange days; but like all days – good or bad – things change. When I got to the year mark with that blog, I decided that I didn’t want to deal with updating any longer. So, after a week of not posting I decided to completely erase the blog. Interestingly enough, there is only one guy from that period that is still actively posting today and if you don’t have at least an idea then you probably haven’t scoured the internet for trading blogs the way I have.

Anyway, my WordPress anniversary is here and I am just kind of in a reflective mood especially given that I’m on Nyquil and am a little woozy. The first post I ever did here talked about how trading was the worst professional decision of my life. Have my feelings changed in a year of posting since? In a word: No. In fact, in the time I’ve posted here I have amazingly come to hate the game of trading even more – if that’s possible. I already hated it when I started but it has unbelievably done more to make me hate it more. I shouldn’t be surprised though; markets will be markets just like cyanide will be cyanide regardless of whether you mix holy water in it. I actively discourage interested people in the business because of what it can do to their personalities. Basically, I just let them hang around me for a while and by the time the day is through many of them realize just how much of a cynical fuck I am that, fortunately for them, they attribute that to my participation in the capital markets. Still, there are a few that go on and start accounts. Then, in a few months after they’ve become grizzled and numb to the stupidity of the business, I appear to them in a window ledge; my eyes red and my demon wings flapping in the air. I’m like; “welcome to the clan, hahahahaha”. No, I don’t do that. Rather, when I see them I know that they now know why I hate the business.

So this leads me to the inevitable question: now that I have notched a year under my belt here in WordPress – which is, by a wide margin, the best blogging platform on the net – will I continue to put out more entries. Can I keep going at the torrid pace that I’m going? Is there really that much for me to say? The answer to this question is not readily apparent to me, although it is a miracle that I’m even typing an extra post for this site given that I’ve already done one today. Strangely enough, my mind is free here. I almost don’t have to think about what I’m writing because the words are just ready to appear. If I was posting for a site about some other topic or just in generalities, I’m just not sure if I could repeat the same pace. I guess, for now and moving forward, I will treat this blog the way I have treated my best winners in asset trading: let the winner run till it can’t run no more. I think it’s a pretty sensible solution.

It’s pretty amazing how so much stuff can happen in the span of a year. I can’t even believe it’s been that long since I started this site.

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