prof7The New York Stock Exchange traded with good energy this morning right out of the gate. This is the type of market where I can find some good perching points to attack from and where momentum can make up for bad entry points. Overall, I’m glad. It seems as if the markets have discounted a possible confrontation with Russia over Syria so this tells me that there may not have to be a lot that we are worried about – for now. I have to admit though that if one is involved with stocks in any way shape or form, I would get the hell out because the way I see it, your hard earned bucks are getting tossed around in a shitty ass market by people who have ulterior motives in news that they report – and more importantly in what they DON’T report – in a timely manner.

Anyway, I barely traded Wheat this morning. When I say barely, I mean I traded it like 4 times for small size because I just couldn’t really get comfortable with where I thought the market was heading. Although I wish I did trade with size, what’s done is done and there’s no point in regretting lost time. The cash open went well albeit with small size. This time though, I did trade enough so that the aggregate total of those trades combined with the small PnL gains I made with Wheat helped me to offset business costs in a meaningful way so that today was a measurably profitable day.

I am feeling much better now than I was on Tuesday and I am thankful to God. I have lost a whole week in terms of trying to recuperate and while I didn’t get the type of bedrest that I wanted, I was able to catch a couple of hours snoozing on the couch which is just as good considering the stuff on my schedule. I will be finishing up on my taxes this Friday and will wash the truck later on this afternoon. I am a very fortunate person, it’s just that I don’t like having to deal with these hiccups in life. I want an easy luxurious life, perched high on my moral summit like Hollywood actors hahaha. Ok, time to be thankful, be decent, and be professional.


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