profilepic1The New York Stock Exchange came out with some fire and fury, almost like President Trump’s tweets towards ex-FBI Director James Comey. I didn’t get to read much of the news today because I traded at home and when I did go out and get my coffee I really wasn’t trying to look at the paper. Rather, I just sat back and thought about how much time I missed this past week because I was sick.

The cash open went well for me, although I didn’t really trade in the size I wanted to. Today was more volume than actual trading. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of the trades I was doing in the markets that I was doing them and so I felt it best to scale back on capital exposure until I felt more attune to the market. This kind of left me with a PnL between profitable and productive. I prefer the productive but if today was profitable enough for a weekend at a casino then so be it. I’d rather end this week with that than with nothing. Fast moves in the cash open were what gave me a good cushion even though I was using reduced size. Along with the fast moves were the breadth of the move. Cocoa was a decent performer today although I did get into a rough patch trading it towards the end. Once I felt like I was going to erode the PnL on the commodity I immediately shut everything down and let the whole thing just fall where it felt like falling.

I am kind of in a holding pattern with this cold. I am not flu-ish anymore but I’m not ready to go out and conduct a major orchestral symphony at New York’s Lincoln Center. Rather, I am still in that stage where I am wallowing in my slowness and wishing that I would take vitamin C daily instead of times when I am sick. Speaking of which, I think I’ll go and take some right now. It’s a Friday, I didn’t lose money – I am definitely thankful to the man upstairs. Time to charge, or lay down, into the weekend!



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