prof8For the rest of April, I’m going to be plugging my 1 year WP anniversary post as it is pertinent to the experience of trading and this blog. Click here to read it.

The New York Stock Exchange had some life this morning. I don’t know anymore what constitutes volatility after the month and a half that we’ve all had. Whenever prices slide fast, I’m thinking to myself “well, i guess that’s volatility” even if it’s really just the kind of calm morning opens that usually happen. The trouble is when there’s volatility on one day and then it all dries up for the next three only to reappear like an angry doubled up monster for the next two days after that where there’s no places to perch and trade from.

So I attempted to trade Feeder Cattle this morning and for the first 2 trades, I got knocked around a little but then I was able to catch a nice move on size for the next 3 which – if you know the spacing of Feeder Cattle – produced some pretty nice gains for the PnL. With those profits in hand, I figured that with the broader indices looking like they had strength this morning, I’d go in there with some size too but I wouldn’t trade all that much. I would just look for some openings according to my reasons to trade them and hit it. At the end of the day, while I did go in for size with some trades, I wasn’t as successful trading the open as I was with Feeder Cattle. Still, it was a decent morning for me. I can relax for the rest of the afternoon before prepping myself for trading tomorrow.

I’m very fortunate that I had those Feeder Cattle trades because that’s what made the difference in the day. Trading the cash open was sort of a drag and while that PnL alone would have made for a productive day, it was the way in which the PnL had to be gained that made the whole process rather tedious for me. I am meeting some old trading buddies for lunch and we’re gonna head over to Capital Grille and be all bougie with drinks and food. It’s nice that i can get to do all that stuff especially given that April hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for me trading-wise. But again, if I were to choose, I’d rather be lucky than smart.


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