profile5For the rest of April, I’m going to be plugging my 1 year WP anniversary post as it is pertinent to the experience of trading and this blog. Click here to read it.

The New York Stock Exchange started off strongly this morning. I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on, all I know is that I have completely stopped looking at the front page of the Wall Street Journal and tuned out CNBC – especially with my little niece & nephew visiting. In lieu of such serious business channels, the house is now surrounded by the squeaking, high pitched sounds of kid cartoons. Btw – if you have not watched Teen Titans Go, I really suggest doing it. Purists of the original Teen Titans will scoff at the idea that a show could be hilarious but I find that Teen Titans Go is the modern equivalent of this early century’s go-to TV shows: it’s Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob & Courage The Cowardly Dog all rolled into one. I can’t believe I’m shilling this, but yeah, definitely watch Teen Titans Go. It’s simple enough for my simple and lazy mind to understand. Plus it shuts the kids up, lmaooo! (just kidding, i love them being here…for less than 3 days….or hours).

I decided to take an overnight trade last night on the Euro because the setup was so enticing that I didn’t want to miss a possible move. Waking up at around 4:30, my work was rewarded as I got what I both wanted and needed on size. It was enough of a PnL gain to make me forget about waking up to trade other assets in the early going. The cash open was different though as I couldn’t really create the kind of magic that I wanted to put the cherry on top of this day. My risk parameters were not all that big because of the underlying markets so that enabled me to trade a little bit more freely with reduced size. After a few round turns, I just wasn’t getting the result that I liked so I decided to wrap it up for the day with a semi-productive cash open performance.

It is raining here in the East Coast, thus the little kids will have to find ways to entertain themselves inside of the house. They are a handful and even with the wife here, we are having a heck of a time keeping up with their energy. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that today worked out the way it did. Now, on to lunch.

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